Saturday, April 21, 2007

'BEATSVILLE' & 'Beatsville Records'
present a special launch night featuring

Les BOF!


Edinburgh's Beatsville announces the launch of its own label BEATSVILLE RECORDS.

Our first two releases are both compilations:

On 10" Vinyl 'BEATSVILLE SOUND No 1.' With The Wildebeests, The Thanes, Keith Douglas, The Rohypsters, Preston Pfanz & The Seaton Sands, The Fnords, Harmonica Matt, Les BOF!

And, on CD 'GARDYLOO - Edinburgh's Detritus 1983 - 2003' an historical 28 track collection of Edinburgh garage rock'n'roll featuring The Green Telescope, The Stayrcase, Rubber Dolfinarium, The Dragsters, The Vultures, The Offhooks, Greathead Briggs and many more.
As this thing was being put through its paces, someone is committing the ultimate EPK to the mail in between slayings. It all looks like computer graphics and very YouTube generation in the way it was rolled out. Like 9/11 looked like "Die Hard". You couldn't make it up. If you did the reaction would be "your arse, that could never happen". Life imitating art imitating life can often seem far-fetched. That this guy was disturbed is simply the tip of the iceberg. Much airtime is being spent on the nature of his operation but ultimately he failed. Little or nothing is ever "remembered" these days except by those that it directly affects. Nothing much really sticks to what is left to the minds of anybody. How can you stop this kind of incident? You can’t. I found this piece (April 19th post)which put a better perspective on what went down than the many acres of press coverage.

During my computerless days there, I learned that a colleague at work knew that there was an election coming up here in Scotland but didn’t know when. And that he probably wouldn't vote anyway. It’s true, people aren’t included but they have to make an effort. There's too much as stake. The run-up is a freak show and not in a good way like the SYLQ song. What was it that Iggy said? "I don't believe in anything, I don't stand for nothin'". It’s all come true. Just like 1969. In the weekend of Jimmy's birthday, he's been born out to be something of a scuzz rock Nostradamus. Pity he made "The Weirdness" and spoiled it. But nothing lasts forever. Far as I can tell. And anything good lasts even less long.

As always, following a period sans computer, I detest the dependancy that comes along with the device and wonder exactly now I can beat this addiction. After all, I have managed not to succumb to the mobile phone menace and also a couple of other blots on the modern landscape that labour under the misinterpretation of convenience. I do have a phone but only for use in an emergency or to make arrangements on the hoof. I ain't never done the "i'm on the train/bus". Nor have I ever wandered along the road staring at a phone screen. My wee, fat sausage-like fingers weren’t made for texting. Seguing into related territory. I'm from Barcelona (T Mobile) and Peter, Bjorn and the other fella (Sky TV) are the latest acts to fall victim of TV advertising. In past times, this might have scored both a hit but with everything fragmentised then all it does is get it into the ears of people who are quite patently over-stimulated.

So hopefully you folks on the eastern seaboard didn't take the predicted hammering? I haven't seen or heard anything on the news. Do you buy into all this climate change/global warming malarky. Granted it has been unseasonably warm here but a clobbering back to winter could come at anytime. Seems to me like this is the latest weapon to beat us with. The double edged sword of the planet going down the pan and "terrorism (TM)". I don't trust anything I see or hear anymore, even when I see and hear it for myself, especially when I see and hear it myself. Last night, I dreamt that I quit blogging. It felt pretty good to the point that I was a little disoriented until I switched on the computer and found out that we were still "broadcasting".
So that’s some kind of convoluted way of saying I’m back. At least for the time being. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing because I have a backlog of mail and info to dig through that would choke a cyber-horse. And remember, The Choke are at all over the UK opening for Theatre Of Hate. More as I figure you need to hear it, including a Danny and Dusty report from Wednesday’s Glasgow show. Meanwhile here are details of the upcoming Americana weekend in Glasgow. A "pass" ticket is also available for £36.