Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Saw this new movie "Smart People" and while it's not outright awful, I couldn't really recommend it. If that’s what’s knocking ‘em dead at Sundance then the movie biz be in big trubb.

On Sunday mornings, I'm prone to listening to the religious programmes on BBC Scotland. Semi-related to that, Father John Fitzsimmons presented a greetings programme that was somewhat old school but he came across as an affable curmudgeon. He also appeared a talking head to offer opinions during news, current and not-so-current affairs.

Anyway, sadly he passed away at the weekend there at age 68. He always projected being older and wiser than that less than ripe old age.

The guy was never afraid to stick his head above the parapet, earning himself a controversial tag for the trouble but I always liked to listen to him talk irrespective of the subject. My own considerations of all religion being tosh notwithstanding, Radio Scotland has lost a great character which they can ill-afford at the minute.

My granny used to tell a story about a minister telling her that I’d maybe become a minister. Imagine her horror when that calling came in the form of rock’n’roll but anyway… My sense of spirituality might be a little skewed at times but it’s generally sincere. I think you folks would have dug this guy whether you agreed with him or not. Irrespective of persuasion.

Later today I have the dentist. I’m looking forward to that a bit more than where I’m just about to leave for but a lifestyle has to be maintained. Has it not?