Monday, May 30, 2011

As much as I dislike the computer as a crutch, when something like the J*zz f*nk” auction comes along then there’s a brief spike of them seeming useful. But then, like a metaphor for all life really, the custodians wade in and rain on the parade. I’m hoping that we’ll be able to find out what happens and that the story has a happy or at least positive ending. This was no mere “listing”, it touched a nerve. Even if it was only to rejoice in the mockery of what is perhaps the sickest, ugliest (and neither in a good way) excuse for a genre that ever was. The feeling of community was further enhanced by the guy taking time to reply to all of the “questions” or rather messages that people sent him.

It was a genuinely uplifting few days, torn down by the burghers of tosspot town. No harm was being done but what seems like an honest ribbing at the expense of someone who behaved questionably in all areas including taste in music – has had the plug pulled.

I’m hoping that some enterprising media company will endeavour to report on this for all angles. They might even be able to turn up the individual that amassed this heinous haul? Now that’s something that I would definitely tune in to.