Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I was interested and intrigued by Brother Patrick’s response to my facebook status this morning. With regard to the art of being positive, even if it’s just to provide a good example. In his case, he bears all the hallmarks of someone who genuinely radiates such energy. To his credit, the attitude to life that this guy portrays is that of the ultimate role model. Me on the other hand, I explained that I wasn’t very good at kidding. There’s much that hacks me off and generally I don’t care who knows it.

Lately though I’ve been getting to think about trying to draw off some of the bile. I see you smirking, maybe even breaking into a laugh, but it’s true. I’ll never stop being angry but that anger needs to be channelled into something less self-destructive and more, for want of a better word, positive.

I’m not talking about having more faces than the town clock and merely acting out a role. There are plenty who do that. That couldn’t be true to their school even although their pissant existences depended on it but conspire to pull whatever fabric over our eyes to conceal their true colours. We’re right it the centre of just such a panto as so-called politicians jostle for centre stage. It’s very hard to be positive when you’re dealing with this calibre of scum.

On a lighter note, I think I’m going to can “twitter“. Such as it is. And as it is, I don’t. Regular blogging and burning time on fb takes up enough of this most precious of resources. So if you’re on there and expect to see anything from me then you probably won’t soon, I doubt you’ll notice. F'book seems to have at least some uses but “friend” numbers fluctuate up and down. I don’t understand why but the fact that I spotted this suggests to me that perhaps there are other more prudent aspects to my daily routine that could do with an overhaul. Still – no point in mithering unduly – maybe I’m just hyper –observant. Er....aye...

And what about “obese”? That being the word which incidentally rhymes with “Grease” a word of a previous era as opposed to the substance that pours the pounds on the sensitive little dears. It’s not to be used in relation to kids and I agree sort of because I always preferred the term “fat” and its companion “fatty”. The O word is not to be used because it might hurt them. Aw, diddums. Is it just me or is this country the most pampered, lily-livered place on earth?

So yeah, being positive. It’s just about possible when you discover something like this...