Sunday, August 24, 2008

(photo by Karen Hibberd)

Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby are about to undertake a mission. Commencing this coming Thursday in Portland, Oregon - their wagon will be rolling all across the USA and briefly into Canada. Their show is the best antidote to all the election piffle that’s poised to go down between now and November. Readers out there are invited to take a look at this datesheet and make a beeline for the venue that best fits their location .

These two legendary performers are about to release their debut album as a duo. Their worlds were always destined to collide and you better be glad that it did. Out on Stiff this coming September 14th, it was seemingly made in a vacuum by them for themselves so it’s little wonder that it turned out as downright great as it has. Not a lot like either of their individual work this self-titled set brings together the grooviest aspects of both to work some very special magic. “Another Drive In Saturday” evokes Mott being psychedelicised by Joe Meek.

If you lived through that period then you might just get all misty-eyed without being able to figure out why. Whoever nailed these two together did a master craftspersons job. Notice how I didn’t fall into the sexist trap there? Eric’s electronic wizardry sits alongside Amy’s sharp take on the pop aesthetic to create a sound that’s definitely not like anything else you’ve heard in recent times if bloody ever. A proverbial mainline to a great time, minstrels of this calibre are in very short supply. Eric claims that their version of “I Still Miss Someone” is like “the Seekers on substances”.

Check out their commentary on some of the songs, if that doesn’t make you want to hear it then sod off back to whatever fly by night you’re down with at the minute.

Folks in the UK/Europe should head over to The Turkey Zone for the best deal on a copy of the album. Those in the US should attend a show and score one direct. This enterprising couple have gone to great lengths to organise the upcoming jaunt so please show the requisite appreciation by turning out. No matter what night they happen to arrive in your locale.
Further to yesterday, I'm not much farther forward.
Only now there's no cold water because of a burst up the road. Of course, it could be worse. Like some of the poor sods that have been flooded out this past week but more than anything it's inconvenient. Much as I really want to go see "Killer of Sheep", I can't be bothered going all the way into town. I did consider going to Glasgow too. They're showing "A Blonde In Love" by Milos Forman. My guess is that I'll do neither at this point, particularly with the shower outta commish.

Anyway my kvetching aside, folks in an around Glasgow that are addicted to The Wire should check this out! Book now to avoid a big dissy. Oh yeah, and this coming Friday...