Friday, March 16, 2007

When the day kicks off with pouring yer fruitjuice over the ol' cereal then what can I say? It wasn't some smart or poncey attempt at a "fusion" breakfast or owt like that. It was wanton stupidity. Which reminds me, last week I was doing some bookshop browsing. Looking at all these punk rock tomes that have recently come out. Simon Black had told me that the Phil Strongman one cited "Malpractice" as the first Feelgoods album and sure enough, right there in print. Dearie me. Which somewhat rankles with it's credibility. I don't claim or aim to be right all the time but aren't there editors and safety nets to catch such things?

This is the problem with a lot of published work these days. It's sloppy. It can all be rattled out and sent to print too easily and I know, in the grand scheme of things it's not important. Just more stuff. And that's exactly what we need innit? More stuff.

It's that contemplative time on a Friday when I get to be as at one with the world as it's possible for this guy to be. I need to get my hands on the Mary Weiss album so that's at the forefront of my agenda. As is the dispensation of some more info via this mode of distribution. Just a wee while ago, I heard Ben Vaughn's "Wrong Haircut" being used for the music bed on an article about that Tory tosspot David Cameron's alleged new hairstyle. The person at BBC Radio Scotland responsible should be rewarded forthwith. Better still, give him or her that Zycinski guy's job.