Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Listening to this new compilation of early Detroit Cobras that's come out on Munster, it's easy to hear just why it seemed like they could save the world. Curating their repertoire from long forgotten and obscure soul nuggets and hopping them up with that garage rock ramalama we like. Rachel Nagy's voice is undoubtedly helped by her fondness for the ciggies and I doubt it's ever sounded better. I'm pretty sure that a nicotine patch wouldn't measure up. She sounds postively obstreperous which of course she is in real life. Available on vinyl (including as a set of 7" singles) and cd, you'll be hooked from "Village of Love". All that's missing is that little shuffle/bop thing that she does onstage and I can see that in me head so I'm sorted.

Had a couple of messages asking about these Tom Waits tickets. The conditions of sale make it all a bit complicated and the tix will be personalised plus you'll need photo id to get in.

These actions are being taken to prevent touting, if you can't go then your ticket really won't be transferable. Perhaps Waitsy will come to your house or at least call you to let you know he was sorry you couldn't make it. Fuck all that for a game of soldiers, wouldn't it be great if a wad of tickets was left unsold?? I'm sure the touts will find a way around it. It's the public that'll get fleeced whichever way. Who would you pay an arm and a leg to see? I'm not talking going overseas or whatever, I mean in your own travelable 'hood? Hey, maybe Tom'll be worth it... here's one critter that will never know.