Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Mr Spence wishes it to be known that... IT'S THE STARFUCKER GARAGE PUNK ROCK'N'ROLL


329 North Woodside Road (nr Kelvinbridge Underground), GLASGOW, G2 6ND
STARFUCKER featuring THE GREASE MONKEYS, THE ROHYPSTERS, THE BUCKY RAGE, and guest DJs playing a mind-blowing mix of Rock'n'Roll, Punk, Beat, Surf, Garage, and the Bizarre!!! 9pm -til- 2am, £5 on the door
Find out more about the splendiferous sounds of these primal degenerate rockers at....

Hope to see y'all there!

....and feel free to spread the word!!!
I'm having problems with this computer and need to schedule some maintenance. When that's likely to be is as soon as I can swing it. So if I appear to drop of the face of this earth for a protracted period then that could be the reason. Then again...

Winter is back and who knows what kind of germs will form in this latest scenario. I need to go and scrape the bloody car window now. There's a nice red sky out there but I don't buy that "shepherd's warning" guff. But that's just me. In no way to be mistaken for the Maia Hirasawa album of almost the same name that's out April 4th.
we hope you'll be able to join us for this event on thursday - should be a lovely evening...
naoto kawate, folk blues guitar player and contributor to maher shalal hash baz, will perform solo for the first time in scotland. and david scott of the pearlfishers and bmx bandits, fine songwriter and engineer of maher's 'blues du jour' will play some songs.

thursday 22 march, 7.30pm, hitherto at tinderbox - free

hitherto at tinderbox, ingram street at the corner of montrose street, glasgow, scotland

(info from Geographic via Mr Ulf)