Friday, October 17, 2008

Norton Records... Mid-October News Flash!

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Our perfect world continues to shape up as we reach peak mayhem here at Nortonville! Dig, if you will ...MAD MIKE MANIA! Yes, kids, all three volumes of MAD MIKE MONSTERS are out now on posh gatefold LP and handy dandy CD, so latch on! The big blast off at Pittsburgh's palacial Pietro's Pizza this past weekend pulled scads of local fans, pals and biz-wigs out of the woodwork to trib the early years (1964-67) of the late and legendary local disc jockey who changed the world for the much wilder for all of us loud sound hounds! One night hanging out with the original 60's Mad Mike RAT PACK (and Norton-type celebs like the drummer for Pat and the Satellites of Jupiter C fame!) was like two weeks at a Slovenian Slop juvenile delinquent training camp, and that's the highest praise ever compounded from his maven! Can we do it again, like soon? Dig all the scoops and links on Mad Mike further down this newsletter....

Thursday, Oct 16th, 8pm - 11pm

WFMU Calvalcade of Stars Live Remote from the Tip Top!Music to Spazz By with Dave the Spazz comes live and wild from scenic Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn as WFMU rock & roll/rock & soul radio stars Gaylord Fields, future married lady Debbie D, Rex, Mr. Finewine, Michael Shelley and Todd-o-Phonic Todd join Spazz battle for turntable supremacy! There'll be free FMU swag, raucous musical monkeyshines, a Cornish game hen raffle plus other surprises! The Tip Top Bar & Grill is located at 432 Franklin Avenue (two blocks from the Franklin Avenue C stop). This will be a live radio event not to be missed either in person or on the airwaves!

Friday, Oct 24-Sunday Oct 26 - WFMU Record Fair, NYC

The big one wraps up the year with the wildest wax weekender yet! Pick up the wildest wax and all sorts of musical masterpieces at the big town's biggest record roundup. Live broadcasts all weekend long include the on-air wedding of Boss lady deejay Debbie D to her one and only Jimmy boy during Rex's radio show! As for Nortonville, come by for a big shellac attack and dig tons of wild and tuff-to-git records at our sprawling set up! All the new releases will BE THERE, including advance copies of our upcoming singles!

Friday Oct 24 - THE WORLD'S GREATEST SINNER on TCM Underground

Turner Classic Movies presents the world television debut of the mesmeric and magnificent Timothy Carey's brain-spraining 1962 film in all its rockin' rollin glory! Do not miss. If you are seeing it for the first time get ready to readjust your horizontal!! Top rank, all the way. Best rock n roll scene of any film! Dig the scene where Carey is digging the wild antics of a blonde haired rock n' roll kid going mental on stage at the 5/4 Ballroom. This is the fabled hot spot name checked in Eddie Cochran's Jeannie Jeannie Jeannie - "All the cats are hoppin' at the big 5/4..."

Saturday, Oct 25 - Check local listings. Looks to be 2 AM EST but confirm or be lost!

Saturday Oct 25 - DMZ @ Maxwell's, Hoboken

Holy mackerel! Dig the original lineup (Jeff Conolly, Peter Greenberg, J.J. Rassler, Rick Corracio and Paul Murphy) in their first area show in 30 years! What a weekend!


From the press releases "CHILLLLLLER THEATRE RETURNS FROM THE DEAD! For the first time in over 25 years, Chiller Theatre is back on WPIX with the presentation of the 1955 pulp horror classic Tarantula at 8 pm on Saturday, October 25th. Zacherley “The Cool Ghoul” (John Zacherle) and former host of Chiller Theatre in New York on WPIX (1963) will resurrect his alter-ego and host WPIX’s October 25 special. Plus, the original opens: “The Six-Fingered Hand” and the “Monster Montage” along with Tarantula trivia will run as interstitials." Tune in before you head for Maxwell's! Billy grew up on a steady diet of Zach and CHILLER THEATRE and recalls having to be walked three doors home after a frightening viewing of THE HIDEOUS SUN DEMON.

Wednesday, Oct 29 - DEX ROMWEBER DUO @ Maxwell's, Hoboken

You loved the Flat Duo Jets with Dex and Crow, now dig Dex blasting off with his incredible sis Sara at the traps!

Friday, Oct 31 - SONICS Paramount Theatre, Seattle

Holy moly! The local boys get their day on Halloween, naturally! Few tix remain so go git 'em. Tacoma terrors Girl Trouble featuring big beat sensation Miss BON will open this legendary show!

Hey, be sure to check out this insane footage of the Sonics in Scandinavia!!


Brooklyn Three way face off under the BQE with the boro's top noise makers!

Saturday, Nov 22 - MARY WEISS/REIGNING SOUND @ The Earl, Atlanta GA

Double whammy jammy deluxe at the home of the best cole slaw on the planet …congratulations to Mary on the Shangri-Las induction to the Vocal Group Hall Of Fame!


CHANTS R&B (Norton 335) Fifteen raving 1966 blasts from New Zealand’s wildest combo! This vinyl only set features one side of mauling studio recordings (Neighbour Neighbour/I’m Your Witchdoctor) and one side with their legendary live Stage Door recordings (That’s The Way It’s Gotta Be/Don’t Bring Me Down). Thrill to extensive liner notes by the band and a knockout photo filled package, not to the most deranged version of Land Of 1000 Dances ever recorded! LP only

MAD MIKE MONSTERS VOL. 1-2-3 (Norton 338/339/340) The wildest 45’s discovered and popularized by enigmatic Pittsburgh hoo-doo DJ during his primo prime years 1964-67, compiled into three sets of instant party mashers! Massive gatefold LPs tell the story of the Mad One in his own words, complete with tons of memories from his many local fans, while the CD packs deliver the same in a pocket-size format! Absolutely staggering array of sounds from this Norton icon! Includes Scott Wood Chicken Rock, Count Ferrell Wizard Of Ah’s, the Saxons Camel Walk and the Vels Mysterious Teenage! All sizzle, no gristle! LP/CD


JOHNNY AND THE SILVERTONES – ROCK ‘TIL THE END OF TIME/I’VE GOT A WOMAN (45-144) Blood curdling unissued 1963 R&B booze savagery! The Figures of Light It's Lame was the Monster Of The Year for 2006, CJ and the Casuals’ Study Hall was the Monster of the Year for 2007– all hail the new champ! This recently unearthed Ohio acetate is over the top WILD!!! Dig these lyrics, dad – “I wanna cash my check at the liquor store/Crawl into that barroom door/Goin’ to the bar get me a jug of wine...” Savage guitars, pounding drums, this is IT!!!! For fans of Screamin’ Joe Neal!!!

FLYIN’ SAUCER TWIST: THE NORTHWAY SOUND RECORDS STORY VOL. ONE (EP-145) Four rockin’ 1961-62 guitar instrumentals from rural Michigan's answer to Gaity Records! Tom Carter and the Ramrods Flyin’ Saucer Twist/Twistin’ Boogie, Jerry Lee Trio Banshee, Billy Lee and the Ramblers Trav’lin – cool stuff!

TOM AND THE TORNADOES: THE NORTHWAY SOUND RECORDS STORY VOL. TWO (45-146) Tommy James’ first record Long Pony Tail/Judy – 1962! Pre-Hanky Panky raw rock n’ roll! Includes amazing pics of the Tornadoes plus the story in Tommy’s words!

KING KHAN – IT’S A LIE/CONGRATULATIONS I’M SORRY (45-148) Khantagious new set from His Majesty pairs two originals, a deadly snarler plus a tense, brooding instro flip! King on all instruments! First there was King Uszniewicz, then King Coleman… now King Khan! We bow deeply to the three Kings of Norton!

FIGURES OF LIGHT OUT NOW!FIGURES OF LIGHT - SMASH HITS (Norton 336) Gimme Gimme Gimme / Black Cadillac / Seething Psychosexual Conflict Blues / Nothing To Do / I’m So Sick Of Everything / Why Not Knock Yourself Off? / Angeline / I Got Spies Watching You / Gimme Gimme Gimme / Nothing To Do / It’s Lame / I’m So Sick Of Everything / It’s Lame / I Jes Wanna Go To Bed / Ritual TV Smashing Finale / Velvet Touch They came and combusted as teenagers thirty years ago, now they’re back to retake the two-chord monte in SPADES! Wheeler Winston Dixon wails while Michael Downey cranks up the proto-punk x-factor on this snarling set including their alarmingly faboo first single, newly unearthed live recordings from their first show ever in July, 1970, unheard demos and new NYC live and studio recordings. Essential!


Norton is very proud to present three full volumes of Charlie Feathers with rare and unissued performances spanning his entire career. This series has been much anticipated by rockabilly fans worldwide and the wait is over! Each set features liner notes by Mike Hurtt including interviews with Charlie’s family, friends and fellow musicians as well as unbelievable photos. Many rare titles are offered from master tapes for the first time since their initial release.


Charlie Feathers is the main reason there is and was Sun Records. I will always be a Charlie Feathers fan." - Johnny Cash

CHARLIE FEATHERS - WILD SIDE OF LIFE (Norton 332) Wild Side Of Life*/One More Time*/We’re Getting Closer To Being Apart*/Am I That Easy To Forget*/Pardon Me Mister*/Cockroach/I Want To Love You*/Wedding Gown Of White (1973 version)/Dig Myself A Hole*/’Cause I Love You*/Frankie And Johnny*/Mound Of Clay/Why Pretend*/I Forgot To Remember To Forget/Man In Love/Folsom Prison Blues CD adds… Release Me (with Junior Kimbrough)/Charlie Feathers Interview Part One

CHARLIE FEATHERS - HONKY TONK KIND (Norton 333) One Good Gal/Give Back All The Love You Gave*/Honky Tonk Kind*/I Can’t Seem To Remember To Forget*/If You Were Mine To Lose/I Lose My Mind*/Folsom Prison Blues*/We’re Getting Closer To Being Apart*/You Believe Everyone But Me/I Want To Love You*/Send Me The Pillow You Dream On/Cold Cold Heart*/Dinky John/Two To Choose/Dig Myself A Hole CD adds Feel Good Again (with Junior Kimbrough)/Charlie Feathers Interview Part Two

CHARLIE FEATHERS - LONG TIME AGO (Norton 334) Jungle Fever/Frankie And Johnny*/She’s Gone*/That’s All Right/It’s Just That Song/Why Don’t You/Knoxville Girl/I Lose My Mind*/Jungle Fever/Long Time Ago*/I Want To Love You*/Will You Be Satisfied That Way*/Folsom Prison Blues/We’re Getting Closer To Being Apart*/South Of Chicago/Mound Of Clay CD adds Lonesome Whistle/Charlie Feathers Interview Part Three *=previously unissued


ROKY ERICKSON AND THE EXPLOSIVES – HALLOWEEN: RECORDED LIVE 1979-81 (Norton 337) Two Headed Dog/Don’t Shake Me Lucifer/Bermuda/The Wind And More/Starry Eyes/I Walked With A Zombie/Stand For The Fire Demon/Bloody Hammer/Wait For You/Wake Up To Rock And Roll/You’re Gonna Miss Me/Creature With The Atom Brain/I Think Up Demons/The Beast/I’ve Just Seen A Face/The Interpreter/White Faces/KLBJ Radio Ad This howling live set from Roky and the Explosives’ original incarnation moves from horror classics (Creature With The Atom Brain), to Buddy Holly inspired rockers (Wait For You) to a blistering version of the Elevators’ You’re Gonna Miss Me. Norton’s gatefold double LP comes with a different cover than the CD version and on the preferred miracle PVC format!


CHARLIE FEATHERS - WE'RE GETTING CLOSER TO BEING APART/IF YOU WERE MINE TO LOSE (Norton 45-142) Two more powerful rockabilly offerings from the master! To be followed up by THREE big albums of rare and unreleased Charlie Feathers demos. Sorry for the long wait - we can't hardly stand it ourselves!

ROKY ERICKSON AND THE EXPLOSIVES – WAIT FOR YOU/I’VE JUST SEEN A FACE (Norton 45-143) Roky tears it up on a rousing Buddy Holly inspired original and delivers a wild one-off version of the Fabs classic on the flip! Both decks from Roky’s live Norton double LP HALLOWEEN.

THE BO-KEYS - CONGRATULATIONS/ROYAL PENDLETONS - TELL ME (Norton 45-9659) Our popular Rolling Stones 45 cover series continues with our 19th nervous breakdown, yes the 19th single in the series! This double dip of slow drag burners showcases the Mad Lads lead singer John Gary Williams teaming up with Memphis soul sensations the Bo-Keys on the terrific topside, while Southern slop lords the Royal Pendletons tell us they're coming back to us in grand style!


THE DICTATORS - MANIFEST DESTINY (Norton/Asylum 1109) Vinyl reissue of their 1977 Asylum platter comes complete with original cover and incredible Andy Shernoff anthems like Science Gone Too Far, Exposed, Heartache, Young, Fast, Scientific and mo'! Complete your Dictators footlong collection!

IN THE WORKS...I STILL HATE CDs Coming this fall, 45 more singles from the vaults of Norton Records. This release, like the first set, is download only and is available from all download outlets – no Goodwill or yard sale action this time, sorry. But it is cheap and easy to grab these babies. By the way, there were some comments that folks wished we provided cover art and notes. If you pick up volume one from I-tunes, it comes with a detailed booklet!

GARAGE ACETATES We are in the midst of whipping up four LPs worth of unissued sixties acetates including three chord killers from the Blue Embers, Henchmen, Khuns, Thorns and Creation’s Disciple! Utter mayhem!

MAD MIKE HAPPENINGS THAT ARE ARCHIVED, KINDA MOSTLY!SATURDAY SEPT. 27 MAD MIKE MONSTERS - WFMU RADIO SPECIAL 1-3 PM EST Rex at the Fools Paradise show hosts a two hour sneak peak at our upcoming MAD MIKE MONSTERS series, dedicated to the music of legendary Pittsburgh DJ Mad Mike, the cat who made Camel Walk, Hanky Panky, Goo Goo Muck and Psycho the hits they are today, forty years ago! Mad Mike Maven Miriam Linna will blast Mad Mike exclusives and preview the inaugural MONSTERS volumes, slated for Oct 7 release. The program will be archived at WFMU.ORG/FPWRFRIDAY OCT 10 MAD MIKE MONSTERS - WRCT PITTSBURGH RADIO SNEAK PREVIEW 10 AM-2PM Zombo's Record Party starts us all off on the mad track giving all you teenagers a sneak peak at MAD MIKE MONSTERS on his wild and wooly lunchbox melange of mayhem! Locals dial your dashboards in to 88.3 FM, worldwiders tune in to! Drivers, kindly pull to the curb. We cannot be responsible for traffic violations caused by listening!

SAT. OCTOBER 11 MAD MIKE MONSTERS - WRCT SATURDAY LIGHT BRIGADE CALL-IN BALLYHOO SPOT! Get ready good and early as the Norton staffers pull over on Route 80 enroute to Pittsburgh to enjoy some hot coffee and rev up Mad Mike style with Jeff Baron and his gallant crew at SLB! Slated for 10:35 AM, Miriam and Billy will fill you in with the evening's festivities celebrating the Mad, Mad World of Mad Mike Metrovich! Internet listeners, tap in to

SATURDAY OCTOBER 11 MAD MIKE MONSTERS - WYEP PITTSBURGH RADIO BLAST 6-7 PM! Howard pulls out all the stops for this mad show featuring music, quips and quotes from his friend Mad Mike. Howard is quoted in our MAD MIKE MONSTERS series and had the rare privilege of sharing the mike with the Mad One. Locals tune in to 91.3 FM while blazing a trail down to Pietros! Unlucky cellar dwellers elsewhere log onto and follow instructions for the Bumblebee Slim show with Howard Kozy!

SATURDAY OCTOBER 11 MAD MIKE MONSTERS! NORTON RECORDS RELEASE PARTY IN PITTSBURGH! 7 PM- Midnight Celebrate all things Mad Mike as three inaugural volumes of this sensational series blast off at the site of the late, great Mad One’s own radio studio, located at Pietro’s Pizza Pub at 2957 Banksville Road, Pittsburgh! Guest DJ’s will spin Mad Mike music exclusively, all night long! A great night for family, friends, fans… and pizza!

MAD MIKE MYSPACE! Semi-genius Howie Pyro, president of Mad Mike Maniacs, the California chapter of MMAS (Mad Mike Appreciation Society) has started up a tribute myspace page for Mad Mike! Check it out and also check out Senor Pyro at Intoxica Radio-- he was the first to trib Mad Mike and has a marvellous show!


The swank Swedish rock n’ roll mag Denimzine will be featuring a six page Norton Records blowout in the new ish due on the stands September 16 and will feature photos, interview with Norton honchos Billy and Miriam and swingin’ Swedes clocking in with their favorite Norton platters! Hurry up – you have less than two weeks to learn Swedish! Ya!

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