Friday, October 02, 2009

The A-Bones are headed for Europe!

Ah Friday. The weather may have taken a decided turn for the stinky and technology may well be kicking my arse but such is the price for relative “freedom”. Heard the Mott show was a doozy last night and look forward to being able to post a firsthand report in due course. Provided this thing keeps working o' course.

Under the circumstances, this could also cause a demand for the tribute combo – Nott the Hoople to read the boards again? Not sure how the next couple of days are going to play out. And, Eddie and the Hot Rods are playing Behind The Wall in Falkirk on Sunday October 11th. That should be interesting. Thanks to Murray for the heads up.

At this point I'm going to fire up the gramophone and see where that takes me.