Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The very great Yo La Tengo are back in Scotland. Just over a year since they shook Edinburgh's Liquid Rooms to it's very foundations. They play on September 3rd as part of the Indian Summer bill in the Victoria Park. It's a two day event which includes The Fall, CSS and Camera Obscura. Much more of a curated bill than yer average festival line-up. Check out the full rundown here.
When you consider the amount of shite that's reissued week in and week out, can it really be possible that The Distractions "Nobody's Perfect" is out of print in any format? A quick "Google" would suggest that this is indeed the case. Pulled out my vinyl copy and it's a wee bit the worse for wear but it'll have to suffice. What a fine album it is, owing more to the spirit of The Undertones than their fellow Mancs that they're often compared to. Top, timeless pop gold surely ripe for resurrection?

Douze posters, handscreened, numbered, etc. Thanks to Ulli at Flying Revolver for the jpegs.
Yesterday was crummy for various reasons and I was (makes tiny distance gesture between thumb and forefinger) this away from blowing out my Film Fest fix, "Walking To Werner". Well, i'm glad now that I dragged myself into town because it was easily the best thing I've seen so far. Maybe not something for everybody but there's a curious honesty about WtW which should chime with any driven soul. It doesn't come over as contrived which is another plus. The passages of Herzog dialogue sit well within the concept and the music by Turpentine Brother, Justin Hubbard is the proverbial frosting on the cake. A version of "I'll Be Your Mirror" by producer Dayna Hanson is cracking too. If you get a chance to see this, i've no idea if it has distribution or not, then take it. Take any tosspot diatribes against it with a pinch of salt (like the one that almost put me off going) because there's a naive charm here that's all too rare in this day and age. irrespective of how easy it is to "shoot" roadkill with DV.