Friday, January 12, 2007

It's Friday evening and being something of a shut-in, I figure i'll try and make sense of what has, hasn't and ought to be posted in the spirit of public service. Not sure how successful this will be because this bloody computer has been playing up again but i'm told that the world loves a tryer so let's give it a belt. The lurghi still hovers but hasn't actually come to deliver the full-blown sucker punch. If the rain keeps up then we'll be knocking about here in bloody coracles or something soon. It's pissed down in torrents (that's a rain term, feck all to do with downloading) pretty much all week. I want the old, cold, bright, DRY days of winter back. Not this bloody miserable damp, dank, grey gunk that passes for recent atmospherics. Meanwhile, as the planet continues toward hell in a particularly shabby handbasket, Gabbagoul is the word... (Thanks Nick).