Tuesday, September 22, 2009

As my peeps know, I'm not somebody who is at the cutting edge of gadgetry.

I thought I'd lost my bog standard mobile phone this morning. I remembered charging it up and was pretty sure it never left the house. When I called it, it went straight on to voicemail. People who try to call me by that method know that it’s almost only ever switched on when I’m making or expecting a call. A trait, I'm reliably informed, that I share with Mose Allison. It’s not something that could be realistically perceived to be a tracking device. I never walk down the street or sit in a train staring at it. That said, I miss it because I HATE the thought of having to get another one and this little blighter had so much left to give. But thankfully, the device showed up on the floor of the car. God only knows how but I'm relieved to have been reunited with it. Even although it's seldom used.

I have some artwork and stuff to do so I'm off to see what kind of progress can be made on that. Don't forget that The Nomads are headed for Norway this weekend - if you can make that it'll be high in entertainment protein. The Wildebeests and Les Bof will also be out in those climes. Sadly I'll be UK bound with a reprieve on Sunday for the matinee show in Newcastle by Eric and Amy.