Friday, January 25, 2008

It's been a quick week. I'll concede that. One in which my last remaining, precious leave day was burned because of the bunker water being cut off due to a burst around the corner. Made me feel for the poor blighters who have to go days, weeks and longer without any. Not a cool scene, with or without wet wipes.

Anyway, there was some solace in that Steve Forbert brought a cracking band with him for his Glasgow show the other night. I also had the pleasure of catching up with Mr Bobby Lloyd Hicks of The Skeletons. Always a good thing. I'm not a Forbert fan but he has his moments and a reasonable following. Highlight was a little number called "The Glasgow Rock" which they worked up just for this one Celtic Connections appearance. Lloyd announced it as "a Ramones outtake" so that'll give you an idea of where it sat sonically. John Williamson gave the musicians a bit of a roasting in The Herald but I disagree with his opinion. The show was too long for sure. I hesitate to use the word, stool, but SF falls somewhere between Springsteen and Earle without having anything like the firepower of the former or the songs of the latter. He brought one of the greatest r&r drummers on earth with him though and I’m definitely down with that.

Anybody going to see this Seasick Steve guy on Monday night?

Billie the Vision and the Dancers are the support so get there early and see them. I hope the SS audience will be open to what they do because it’s nothing like the headliner. And at 9pm, The Martial Arts are playing at Bloc on Bath Street in Glasgow. So if everything comes together, I’ll be at both of those. He typed optimistically, probably intoxicated by the fact that there’s no schlep to the stalag tomorrow…