Wednesday, October 26, 2011


This Sunday's Monorail Film Club is perfect creep you out cinema.
David Greene's "I Start Counting!" has in recent times become become so underground we didn't think the GFT would be able to source a print but they've somehow managed to get their hands on it. It's part mystery, part horror and has Jenny Agutter pre-Walkabout in it. The score is by Basil Kirchin and the title song is completely amazing.

Wynne (Jenny Agutter), is an adopted schoolgirl who has a growing crush on her older foster brother George (Bryan Marshall). At the same time a series of local sex attacks on young women is haunting the town and becomes the main gossip in Wynne’s school. Wynne’s obsession with George intensifies with the discovery of a bloodied jumper and his unexplained trips out in the evening, which she suspects relate to the sex attacks.

Introduced by Stephen Pastel.

Café Cosmo will be open for drinks and informal chat after the screening. As ever we recommend booking tickets in advance from the GFT box office on 0141 332 6535.

I Start Counting! - Director David Greene - Cast Jenny Agutter, Bryan Marshall

UK 1969, 1h45m, 15 - Sunday 30 October, 7.45pm.