Sunday, April 10, 2011

Though I should probably be out taking in "the rays", I've been getting exasperated trying to list something on ebay for the first time in ages. Just as an experiment. the reason for quitting that bunfight before was down to a couple of run-ins with they type of scum that gives the site a bad name. Most folks are perfectly nice if obsessive but a couple bad apples and you know the rest...

Anyway, I've had to resort to contacting their UK customer service because they're trying to flim-flam the shipping. All I ever did was charge the actual real cost of postage and that's how I call it. But does that fit into their "calculator" and location bs? Try and guess. So maybe I'm going to head down to the glass recycling place and take my chances with the sun. Or then again.

Meanwhile, on the countdown to RSD, here's a tale about a place that will get a few of you misty eyed. Be warned though, it contains the word "dildos".

Figured you'd best be told being that it's the sabbath and all.