Sunday, June 06, 2010

Thanks to Sylvia for the tip...

I have to scoot into Glasgow but I'll leave you meantime with this... for Jon and Suzy. Thanks for the "Sugar Rush".

RIP - Craig Lorentson (Lowlife/Dead Neighbours)

Craig was a local guy who was the singer in Dead Neigbours, the closest this area ever came to having band that existed in the wake of The Cramps. That morphed into Lowlife (I think?) and they made a few records that never did anything for me but the band enjoyed some popularity across Europe and the US. Particularly Italy as I recall. To my ears they were moody, bordering on Bauhaus-esque goth and not as Wikipedia sez alternative rock/dream pop but lets not dwell on any of that. 44 is way too early to up sticks and leave the earth irrespective of of what I consider his band to have sounded like.

If an online obit becomes available - I'll link to it in due course.