Friday, May 13, 2011

WTF? I posted this on blogger last night and today it had disappeared. Then I remembered it had appeared on the facedog so I actually did publish it. Anyway, if these things ain’t ging to work then please can we go back to the good old days when there was no sodding internet.
Interested to see what the EIFF has in store when the programme is launched this coming Tuesday (May 17th). The first since the organisation came together with the centre for the moving image at Filmhouse. My attendance is likely to focus on the weekends during the run. Can’t see me burning vacation days unless something really special turns up.

Of course, we’re approaching an important calendar date, Joey would have been 60 next week and Ms Line Dahlmann informs us that an unreleased song, presumably from the upcoming project augmented by various NYC luminaries, will air on the Underground Garage this weekend. The annual Birthday Bash also takes place at The Fillmore in Manhattan one week from tonight (Thursday 19th May).

I don’t know where you stand on (the) Pink Floyd and it’s none of my business really. However, looking at the “news” today that the individuals in question played together just after sorting out their contractual spat of several decades, it threw up the question of people who reportedly can’t stand one another coming together for the music. And well, maybe the money but I have no problem with that so long as they don’t milk it.

And even if they do then so what? The info machine on that particular brand is in motion. Expanded re-issues and even “lost” tracks will add to their revenue stream. I ought to get to the point… well, I like idea of people who have differences playing for the sake of the music. If they can just set aside the problem for an hour or whatever or maybe some rehearsal time then I guess that the point I’m making is that life is too short and sometimes too shite not to make an effort for something that is worth doing. This can be extended to friends too but sometimes that’s a bit more difficult/complicated so let’s stick with the bands here. You shouldn’t try to please all of the people all the time and after all why should you but think on this?

Maybe someone will twig that the band should have been setting the heather alight all along or maybe it’ll be a simple case of making the fans you do have very happy for a wee while at least. That benevolence right there is surely worthy of consideration. So yeah, that Floyd thing made me think. As does the consideration that time may well be running out. Do it for the kids of all ages because we’re a long time died (not a misprint, rhymes with heid).