Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Lux tribute night was going full pelt when I left for the train at 11.30pm last night. I played some sympathetic sounds and caught The Fnords and The Primevals. The short sharp set of the latter defining the future of popular music and leaving the audience wondering what hit ‘em. The Fnords version of “Sheena’s in a Goth Gang” hit the spot despite the sound “behind” the band being barely audible as anything other than a buzz buzz buzz.

For anybody that cares, here was the playlist. Not in order of appearance I hasten to add.

Funnel of Love – Wanda Jackson (from Heart Trouble w/ Lux and Ivy) (USA)
Rocket True Temper 20oz – Robert Johnson and Punchdrunks (Sweden)
Swampland – The Scientists (Australia)
Tutti Frutti – Pascal (Sweden)
Party – Pascal (Sweden)
Peter Gunn – Poison Ivy (USA)
(I’m) Out of It – The Nomads (Sweden)
He’s Peculiar – Vibeke Saugestad (Norway)
Lonesome Town – The Legendary Tigerman with Rita Redshoes (Portugal)
Light Me Up Twice – The Legendary Tigerman w/ Claudia Efe (Portugal)
Radio & TV Blues – The Legendary Tigerman w/ Cais Sodre Cabaret (Portugal)
Motorcycle, I Love You – Moon Duo (USA)
Bend Over I’ll Drive – The Cramps (USA)
It’s Mighty Crazy – The Cramps (USA)
8 Piece Box – Southern Culture On The Skids (USA)
Chaotica – The Bambi Molesters (Croatia)
Delinqente – Wau Y Los Arrrghs!!! (Spain)
Demoli├žion – Los Saicos (Peru)
Hook Rug Dance – Angelo Badalamenti (USA)
Drive In – The A Bones (USA)
Mr Wild Guitar – Kare and the Cavemen (Norway)
Graveyard Line – The Forbidden Dimension (Canada)

I have no aspirations or delusions about being a DJ. It's good to be able to play stuff out and in the spirit of the great "Living Jukebox" Andy Dunkley. OK, things to do. Sadly can’t make the GFT scene but sometimes it isn’t possible to be everywhere you need to be. I’m operating in a peculiar fug at the minute and hope that the way below zero climate in Stockholm next week will restore some kinda equilibrium.