Saturday, December 04, 2010

The increased hit rate might be down to the launch of the heinous talent contest that continues to take our name in vain. Whatever. I’m more perturbed about the snow business debacle and hope this taste of true winter might abate until mid-January or something. I’ve spent 8 hours over the past few days digging the car out and by this time tomorrow I might even be able to get it out of the drive. If not then I’m likely to be going no place fast. Or wait, I’m already on that road and don’t exactly relish the reminder.

Anyway, I’m trying to keep moving for fear of seizing up. Not being used to manual labour – I’m feeling the strain from shovelling snow. Makes a change from what I usually use that kind of implement for but not my pastime of choice however, needs must. During daylight hours tomorrow, I hope to be writing about music while listening to it, something of a novelty in recent times.

On an art kick, a friend directed me to the work of Ken Bastard. I’d seen his stuff before in Juxtapoz because I recognised the Pete Townshend piece but I hadn’t seen the Johnny Ramone painting. In addition to musicians, he does a nice line in twisted – many with a smoking bent.

More tomorrow – if I don’t get up from here then I’m likely to require surgical removal from the chair.