Sunday, November 01, 2009

Managed to haul my arse out to see "Cat People". 12 people in the cinema not including staff. More than I expected given the weather. Puh-retty serious flooding 'tween here and there so I'm happy to have made it back to the bunker. From whence I ain't moving tonight.

I imagine that the roads between here and the stalag might be troublesome in the AM. Still, that is some way off at this point. The Coal Porters are at Brel in Glasgow this evening if anyone is that locale. Seeing as my throat is better, I'd like to rewind to my location last Sunday night and maybe I'd order something different from the menu even. Sigh.

So there goes October... the slide into the festering season is well and truly on. The weather out there is "frightful". Hell it'll be 2010 afore we know it.

last month was by far the busiest month ever in terms of visitor numbers. Pretty incredible really. Lots of people looking for those dodgy talent night perhaps? Who knows. Anyway the stats don't lie. Or do they. Marketeers can make such info reflect what they want it to. You know me, I'm sceptical about everything.

In addition to that, maybe the lurghi is finally upon me. And these temporary specs are driving me uo the fecking wall so I'm not entirely sure how long I want to spend in front of this blighter today. Time will surely tell but my time management skills areespecially woolly at the minute.

There several "event nights" going on around the world that take our name in vain. However, I'm more than happy to share our moniker with my old pal Gary Pig's ensemble. Just got this note...

"Attention !! THE NEXT BIG THING (that's Shane Faubert, Jeremy Lee and Gary Pig Gold) along with Many Many other good musical friends (that's Jana Peri, Cracked Latin, Sonic Blue Sound Revue featuring Michael Mazzarella, Dreaming In Stereo, The Grip Weeds, and Dave Rave) shall be appearing as part of The 2009 New York INTERNATIONAL POP OVERTHROW Festival Friday NOVEMBER 6 at KENNY'S CASTAWAYS (that's at 157 Bleecker in NYC) starting at 8 PM. We'll be celebrating the release of our grand new NBT-4-CNP CD... and It's DOREEN'S BIRTHDAY too, so act accordingly."

Ladies and gentlemen of NYC... A treat... Every Monday in November - at the fabled Lakeside Lounge... Mr Adny Shernoff!!

(thanks Adam)