Thursday, December 31, 2015


The Rubinoos are about to hop over the ocean again to spread their power doo-wop-a-pop magic across the parts of Europe where audiences still display taste. To celebrate this positive start to 2016, the Wild Honey imprint has come up with a triple vinyl set that collects the first two studio albums with The Basement Tapes and additional tracks. All topped off by a great liner note by SF scribe and curator of the Catalog of Cool, Gene Sculatti.

All the songs that drove you Beserkley and more - collected like one of those Reader’s Digest-type ultimate collections. “Hurts Too Much”, “I Never Thought It Would Happen”, “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend”, they’re all there. The ‘noos can still pull off their oeuvre and then some. Some people tell me that it can be a little too sweet but truly, if you see them, it’ll all fall into place. Get your copy here but be quick because when the tour starts then it's likely they'll disappear double-quick!