Saturday, August 08, 2009

NBT types in Japan, The Joyriders are amongst you! First show out there tonight.

Somehow or other I just passed out last night. The head vice was sort of back and that's the only way to shake it off. As I prepare to head out I'm listening to "Carl Perkins Cadillac" by the Drive By Truckers on NoFoSo and thinking to myself that there's something of the "Love Will Tear Us Apart" about it. It also reminded me that "Judas Kiss" by The Del Lords is a similarly moving piece and that I meant to chase up whether of not the shows they were supposed to play might happen. That's the thing about having no recall. Even scribbling it down on a piece of paper ain't infallible right now. maybe I need one of these nintendo things that exercises the grey matter? Er, aye - right... best to probably ride the slipsteam of semi-conciousness.

Still, better get the heck off this thing and deal with what's gotta be done before I needs to be elsewhere. No time for the regular languishing today.

Here's something that might keep you occupied (irrespective of whether you saw it before)... The Blank Generation. Available to watch online for a limited period.
Thanks to T. Tex Edwards for the link...