Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Do you think that TV placement of songs actually helps a band anymore? I mean, how does anybody find out what something is? With a movie, you get the closing credits but on a TV show – do they all have websites with soundtrack info? I should check that but I don’t have time right now. My reason for asking is that I heard Frightened Rabbit’s “Swim” on Chuck last night and it sounded pretty good as that "music bed" or whatever they call that stuff.

I wondered if it got a spike in downloads when that aired? Of course, no-one watches the same things at the same time anymore so maybe it was or is gradual as opposed to steep. It made me think what a great job it would be to be able to score a soundtrack. I really think that I could do that. In addition, I’d like to do that and there’s not much I can say that about.

Anyway, I came home full of good intentions tonight and have been worn down with this and that. Equal measures of both to be honest. That hasn't happened too often lately so I'm hoping it's a blip. What's the adage? These things are sent to try us?? It's not wrong. If I can rassle myself outta this tangle then I might be back later, if not - I'll sleepin' with the TV on.