Tuesday, April 03, 2007

There's a Suicide box being put together for release sometime in 2008. The folks who are assembling this time capsule are looking for posters, articles, photos and just about anything to annotate their journey. Know the whereabouts of the axe (and we're not talking guitar here) that flew past Alan's napper at the Glasgow Apollo? Then you can give the curators a holler via this very blogspot.

And just 20 days to go until the new Alan Vega album "Station" comes out on Mute/EMI.
"All hail, kits'n'kittens!

First off, we'd like to wish Parsley at very happy 45th birthday, and say thanks for inviting us to play at his secret birthday party in Acton Town over the weekend - The Stripchords are available for weddings, parties, naughty parties, burlesque shows, vicar's conventions, bar mitzvahs, etc, at very enticing rates, contact us for details...

Secondly, we're pleased as gosh-all to be play at old pal Healer Selecta's Raison d'Etre Bash at Londinium's Cargo this Friday April 6th (that's Good Friday, for all you god-botherers, or Bob Hoskins worshippers!), a "Tiki Swing Party" with the mostest! Details below, courtesy of the Reason2B massive, and it's FREE ENTRY BEFORE 9PM!!!!

Mizz Lager-Shandy and Mizz Stephanie will be go-go and hula dancing with us on Friday, and BigKegShandy will also take a turn on the wheels of polycarbonate, spinning a selection of hot 45s, including The Marquees' "Wyatt Earp", Johnny Johnson's "Lone Ranger's Gonna Get Married", and just cos it's Easter, Otis Williams' "Jesus Is A Soul Man"... The Stripchords will be on hiatus from mid-April to early-May, and then back with a bang at the Gypsy Hotel on May 18th... Hope to see ya on Friday, don't eat too much Caramac in the meantime...
The Stripchords

Raison d'Etre Tiki Swing Party
When : Friday 6th April
Time : 8pm/3am
Entry : FREE b4 9, £10 after / *£7 Raison D'Etre members
Students : as member
Where : Cargo, Rivington St, London
Step Right up folks, step Right up! We are back at Cargo for an unique event. We will start with some Afro-Latin Beatnick fiesta beat from Peyoti For President, then THE STRIPCHORDS will bring their smokin' Sleazy Vegas Grind Striper sound with plenty of houlala DJ Big K Shandy Drivin boogaloo and juicy Rhythm & Blues Size 9 will bring an other gallon of fuel in the fire with they frantic Buttshaking Soul Funk Ska Boogaloo live session with plenty of mini skirts...
PLUS!!! D.I.R.E.C.T from PARIS ! The incredible MIMI DE MOMTMATRE, can't tell you more...SURPRISE!! The DustAphonics + HEALER & The STORM (Live PA) with the wonderful Aina and finally the "piece de resistance" with HEALER Selecta's 3 hours set of maximum action packed dance floor filler! Yes Ladies and Gentlemen an evening to remember indeed !!...
*For all members and friends, If you would like to be on the £7 guest list, please send a email with full names at crystal@reason2b.net before 5th of April midnight
David Thomas and Laurel Legler have won their long, drawn-out court battle and MC5 - A True Testimonial has been vindicated. What started off as a labour of love turned into a full blown nightmare and I hope that the victory gives the individuals involved some solace. It's not clear what the next step will be or even if the documentary will ever come out properly. They probably can't believe that it's over. I hope they can get back to their lives now. They made a great film that has been done a considerable dis-service. If you ever get to see it then you'll be glad you did.


I'll post the link to the full details as soon as it becomes available.