Tuesday, January 31, 2006

David Behrel of the Havox has been doing some research and reveals that the Monks had genuine rivals in the 60s garage rock stakes. He writes: "Are you familiar with a Wisconsin band from the 60's "The Cords?" They recorded the song "Ghost Power" which appeared on Back From the Grave Volume 1. They had another WILD! instrumental 45 on Cucu records called "Cords, Inc" which happens to be one of my prize possessions. Anyway, fellow Havoc Bob and I did a little digging on these guys and were pretty impressed with what we came up with. To see a cool photo of them, go to Sandalprints Archives and scroll down to Fr. James Kendzierski at the bottom, then double click on the PDF of his bio. Then go to page 7. I think you'll be impressed but you really have to hear the songs to get the full impact.