Thursday, November 12, 2009

And what about this furore about Taylor Swift and some German guy by the name of Otto Tune? I guess he’s one of those hotshot producers?? Oh wait – autotune, now I get it… C’mon people. Really, there’s a vast army of backroom people involved with stuff like that and they’re completely culpable. The amount of artists that “mime” (at best) is considerable. Everybody knows that. Christ, these shows that are all over TV stealing the food from real artists mouths are all about deceit, in addition to shaking gullible and just plain stupid people down.

Although I’d prefer my entertainment to be bona fide, I’m not averse to a bit of “pretend”. Something that can make the audience believe and more importantly forget real life is a plus these days. Only trouble is that the stuff that that’s raking it in from such cheating is the lowest common denominator. Still I blame the “handlers” not the artist

There are none so blind… or is it in the kingdom of the blind, the one–eyed person calleth the shots, opposite sides of the same coin. No disrespect to the sight impaired is intended because I know that these folks are a damn sight more sussed than I am on every level.

History will be made tonight in the fair city of Madrid as Wau Y Los Arrrghs!!! team up with Erwin Saico to elicit a full on DemoliciĆ³n at their show with The Black Lips tonight.

I was just catching up with facebook , listening to LCD Sound System’s take on “Bye Bye Bayou” when Marc Campbell tells me that the guy who played drums with them had been killed in a really terrible accident in Brooklyn. Bloody horrendous. So thanks to Marc for this link...

RIP – Jerry Fuchs

I’m looking forward to tomorrow being Friday and blasting the Vibeke CD that I got in the mail today at TILT volume en route to the final shift of the week. More about that in due course...