Wednesday, September 16, 2009

RIP - Bobby Graham

(Thanks to John Trembly a BLR for the link info)

Any plans for gallivanting look to have been right royally creamed for now. An unfortunate realisation but not entirely unexpected and it comes amongst a real urge to take a backseat from everything for a while. No small part of this is that I need to get another computer and just can’t muster the effort to do so. The TV is on the blink too and I’m seriously thinking about trying to wean myself off that particular electronic hearth. Like trying to go for a month without switching it on. There’s plenty more around here I could do with getting on with after all. All these little niggles are manifesting themselves like a big itchy bite. It’s called life.

Anyway, while I sort out some actual info to post here - Brother Liam has seen the light and he's looking to find a new home for some Rockin'Bones/NBT back issues. A lot of you folks ask me if I have this kind of material so maybe you can help him out?