Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I only just found out about this. Dean and Britta with Sonic Boom and Cheval Sombre in London tomorrow night (Wednesday).

Not just at some poxy rock venue... take a pew at St Giles On The Field Church. File under Religious Music....

I’m putting together a little commemorative ‘zine thing or pamphlet (not sure of the exact format yet) for the upcoming screening of "Eating Raoul" at GFT in Glasgow on November 29th.

The response from the folks I’ve asked to contribute has been nothing short of amazing. The generosity of time and spirit is an inspiration and the energy that the information is imbibed with indicates that all is not lost in these peculiar times. I know that most of you folks won’t be able to attend because let’s face it. The transport from mainland Europe or the USA isn’t really up to scratch on a Sunday evening but you should search out a copy of the film somehow and take a look at it.

Eating Raoul is a fine slice of entertainment. If you haven’t seen it then you’re in for a treat. It would seem to have been tailored exactly to the NBT demographic – should there be such a beastie. Here’s the trailer…

This rare big screen outing is something we ought not to take for granted and I only wish there were more cinemas with the chutzpah to show this type of perhaps gone (in more ways than six) but never forgotten masterpiece. So I need to spend some time on this project tonight to keep the momentum going.