Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The original 60's French Pop Discotheque!
Djs Le Pape Du Pop & Le Marquis De Jardin play
Serge Gainsbourg, France Gall, Jacques Dutronc, Brigitte Bardot and many more
plus special guests:
Scotland's only French language Garage Punk band
les BOF!
11pm - 3am £5/4
I'm not altogether sure what's going on. My ability to deal with e-mail and the day to day seems to have eroded to the point that the old premise of there not being enough hours in the day was a self-fulfilling prophecy. As was the premise of a "new" Stooges album. I've been quite bemused by the fact that anybody expected it to be any better than just average. I think it's total tosh but my opinion isn't important. It's an Iggy record with some Stooges on it. It'll help them pad out their set with some more guff that nobody needs to hear. Until they deem to play "Raw Power" they should be boycotted. Pure and simple. The world's forgotten boy is taking liberties en route to getting his bus pass. He's nearly 60 you know... and the old age fund must be shaping up nicely.