Thursday, September 17, 2009

I am effing flabbergasted. Now here's a dilemma I didn't see coming...

It’s been another braw, bricht autumnal day hereabouts. A week now without rain which must be some kind of record. Not a cd. Or a cassette. I’m looking at a wee pile of the former that I need to tackle out of the side of my eye as I type this. Lately I’ve been thinking that just about everything that needs to be said has been written about music. Certainly by me. Of course that doesn’t cover the act of actually convincing someone that they would want to hear something. That filter is still relevant. Sometimes I think about just adding a link with a sentence. That might assist both of us with the passage of that most precious commodity. Time.

Yesterday evening, I did a dummy run on my “no TV” thing. I survived. No jones. Not so far anyway so I may go for two in a row. Nothing good on the sucker anyway. I did get a new "remote" control today though so I have to at least see if it works. This weekend will have started by this time tomorrow and I’m brimful of good intentions right now but let’s just see how this will manifest itself. There shall be updates one way or the other because there are no plans to venture far. However there are cool things happening in other airts… so Mr Spence supplied these with the following proviso - "The Brutes have another rockin' South of the Border raid this weekend. We'll be rampaging in Liverpool on Friday (18th Sept) and ransacking Leicester on Saturday (19th Sept). Details in attached pretty pictures!

While we're on the subject of "pictures", lets get a bit twisted fine art on your tucus and NYC welcomes the great Isabel Samaras and you can get all the info here.

On the culture wagon, JD King has another wee story ready for your perusal.

Ever wanted to know what might have happened if Lindisfarne covered The Ramones? Well have a look at this that Iain just sent me the link to...

This Just in from The Cameo... "Sunday 25 October sees a very special event. From 6pm we will be screening DAWN OF THE DEAD (1978) followed by an in-person Q&A with Ken Foree and then DAY OF THE DEAD followed by an in-person Q&A with Joe Pilato. Every audience member will get a merchandise goody bag and a signing will follow the event.

Tickets priced at a bargain £10 Full/£8 Concession will go on sale at 11am on Saturday 26 September via the booking line on 0871 704 2052 or in person at the box office. There will be no online sale of the tickets. Demand is likely to be very high so early booking is recommended to avoid disappointment.

This event is in association with
Arrow Video
Cult Fiction "

So have fun with that, I'm off to catch what's left of the daylight and when I get back there are big decisions to be taken which will undoubtedly be put off but we'll see. It sounds cryptic right? Well it is. You need to believe that.

RIP - Mary Travers