Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Matt and Kim trounce Coachella... the world can't be far behind!

It seems like things are moving again, however how long it’ll take for things to nudge normality is anybody’s guess. A little delay is one thing but as attractive a proposition of getting stuck anywhere but here – like Sweden or Spain – the reality is somewhat removed from that. The authorities revel in their jobsworthness and I wonder if there’ll be post traumatic travel stress disorder workshops for those who will have a fight on their hands insurance wise. Then there’s the mail backlog and all manner of other shenanigans. If this episode has taught us one thing, it’s not to get cosy with any system that seems to work.

Imagine the fun and games they’ll have if this other volcano decides to go off? I haven’t ruled out the possibility of it all being a bunch of Lord of the Rings outtakes or some CGI fest. However, whatever is going down – the disruption is all way too real. Where the means of communication with phones and everything else may be useful, the amount of disinformation seems to outweigh any actual hard and fast solutions. Other than those with the presence of mind to fleece the poor blighters that find themselves displaced. A little public humiliation for the perps is in order, don’t you think?

I’m still feeling a bit out of sorts... teetering around the brink of a cold. It’s pretty annoying.