Thursday, October 07, 2010

In some kind of half-assed bid to get with the 21st century, I just got one of these Blackberry things. By all accounts it’s a good deal and it’s all hopped up and ready to go but I’m reticent to use it. Some of you will understand that and others will be yelling as to why the hell not. Maybe I’m a little feart that I’ll become a crackberry addict although I doubt that’s the actual reason.

It’s more likely a deep seated aversion to being connected to what is essentially a tracking device. My trusty wee Samsung does everything that I actually need but for some reason, I felt the urge to be able to check e-mail on the hoof but reckon I’ll be using my existing method for a while yet. Being a little out of step with these times or any times really isn’t a bad thing to my mind and I ain’t about to buckle just yet.

Someone who definitely was made for these times has a couple of shows coming up in LA. If you’re out that away then drop any plans you have to attend. Between 4 – 6pm on Friday (8th) and 8pm on Saturday (9th) Hello Saferide in da 'hood...

And I have a pretty hectic couple of days coming up too so don't expect much from here until at least Sunday.