Friday, April 16, 2010

A roots rock-flavoured RSD song by Ted Wulfers
(Thanks to Bryan Thomas for flagging it on facebook)

Breathtaking Friday night music recoded midweek in LA (Thanks to DA via facebook).

It’s RSD eve. If any of you folks want any of the overpriced swag that’s been struck to commemorate it then let me have your requests "by close of play today". How heinous is that expression on a scale of one to very? It’s common in the workplace as an adjunct to the equally barf-worthy “I can see where you’re coming from” that is also prevalent. Anyway, with the exception of the alleged scarcity of the Hold Steady and Flaming Lips things most of this landfill should be available.

Day two of the volcanic hoo-hah. This could be used as an excuse for all kinds of nonsense over the foreseeable future. Safety is of course important but jobsworths will have a bloody field day and then there’s all the knock on Health and Safety considerations. Of course by considerations I mean bollocks.

And if petrol goes up much further then Shanks’ pony could well become the transport mode of necessity. As Judy Tenuta once famously said, “It could happen”.

Still, it’s that time on a Friday when nothing much will bring me down. Plenty of scope for that after teatime on Sunday but for now it’s (mostly) good.