Sunday, February 13, 2011

Spent much of this weekend cleaning, sorting and trying to figure out what’s going on with all the framed stuff that’s got to go back up on the walls. Maybe some of it won’t. Anyway, it’s an ongoing project that’ll take some weeks to achieve. Where else is it going to go? Landfill? There’s some pretty nice stuff and I should tag some of it so that they go to good homes when I get hit by a bus or whatever.

In addition to everything else, I feel burned out. Like the constant banging of my head agin a brick wall is beginning to hurt. It feels like the antithesis of that "no pain, no gain" claptrap. I’ve had plenty of the former since 2011 came calling. I tried to listen to some recently received music today – no names, no pack drill – and was uninspired. Do you even like to read about music anymore? After all you can pretty much hear and decide everything yourself. In these “people have The power” times, the power in question is a shift. Do I like writing about music? Not when it feels like a chore or that I feel like I just recycle the same old guff time after time, which I’m convinced that I do.

I wade through what feels like review directories. Where the type is way too small to be processed and think to myself that I really can’t retain any more information. In fact, I seriously need to consider erasing some of what does seem to rattle about the canyons of my napper. I just read about The Ramones lifetime achievement grammy and think to myself what a peculiar world this has become.

“Look out honey ‘cos they’re using technology” never sounded so glib or indeed final. The “technology” in question has robbed us of our attention spans. The future may well be written on handheld devices that will control your mainframe but that doesn’t mean that we should just accept it. Does it? I patently don’t have any answers and generally have to be dragged kicking and screaming into any given situation. I’m not keen on having my comfort zone invaded and reconfigured. The fiscal turbulence will no doubt continue and emerging economies will manoeuvre themselves away from this 45th generation one-time nation.

Or not.

As Chris says... "finally, a proper Ron Asheton tribute show".