Monday, October 17, 2005

Siesmologists get ready. I fear for the foundations of the smaller sized venues that are about to have the bejeezus shaken out of them by the pounding soul strains of The Dt’s. This veritable stadium filling sound will be reverberating the rafters of venues in Glasgow and Edinburgh this coming weekend. Showcasing material from their “Nice‘n’Ruff” album on Spanish label GP (Estrus in the US). Mixing up the Booker T with the Foger-T and the Roky E, this is some big-ass-shaking monolith. If Bon Scott had been a wummin, he would have been Diana Young-Blanchard. She might well be possessed by his spirit. Think the Detroit Cobras on steroids. Mighty and unabated. Taking no prisoners and beating all comers into stoner submission. This stuff could easily give you the shakes alright, and a fair degree of yon shivers too.
Just heard from Coyotemen HQ that our pal Kike Turmix has passed away. Can anybody confirm this?

Update at 19.00 hrs...
It’s true then, the big fella has made his exit. Sad news. I knew Kike for what seems like forever but I only actually met him once. He had a tireless passion for rock’n’roll and was absolutely key to the spread of this music as a virus across Spain and indeed the world. Kike got me on board to write the liner notes for his Dictators tribute volumes that came out on Roto and though we weren’t in constant contact, I guess we knew where the other one was should a situation arise. Last I recall was when he needed a copy of Girl Trouble’s "Hit It Or Quit It", which was retrieved from the vault and shipped forthwith because I knew it was going to a good home.

Mr Turmix made a difference and was a pleasure fucker through and through by all accounts, the man lived his short life to the full. Faster and louder than most all of the competition, we’ve lost one of our Generals here. Kike was a real character and the legend can only grow like topsy from here. Wonder who’ll play him in the film?

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