Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A message from PJ for you prospective Stems attendees...

"For reasons too boring to relate, this Thursday's Dirty Water Club will be happening in reverse order, commencing at 8.30pm with Khalid and PJ spinning tunes in the Boston pub.
We shall move on to the Music Room at 11pm to see The Stems, who shall be followed by Muck & the Mires and Los Cretinos.

Apologies if inconvient or, possibly, confusing but circumstances beyond our control compel us to do it this way.

The beer is cheap and the music good, so see you there!

I think that pretty much counts me out but I'll be darned if that ain't showbiz.

If I'm about bright and early tomorrow am then there might be one last epistle prior to this here computer getting a wee service. Then again...