Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Spent a very pleasant day in Glesga yesterday, stating off with the screening of Died Young, Stayed Pretty that I was on about last week or whenever. Being pressganged into taking additional leave meant that I could see it rather than go with the consensus that it's not good. Well, it's not great but despite the rather hotchpotch nature of it's construction then it's cool to see some of these people on screen. Some of 'em net a slap certainly and it's all over the place but it was just good to see it programmed. Plus there were maybe 20 people there. I expected to be in there myself. There's another GFT showing at 6pm tonight if you're at a loose end or want to get out of the snow.

It was winter wonderland time upon leaving the theatre. I don't recall this kind of snowfall since the late 70's. And of course, when we get a little snow then disruption is amped up to the max but still, luckily there was no big rush to get anyplace. Met up with Mr Duff and locals should watch out for his new club night Trick Bag, coming in February 2010 to Max's Kansas City in Queen Street, just up the road from Tam Shepherd's.

Transport willing, I'm off to meet Mr Tjolsen in Edinburgh today then the barricades go up and the bunker will be the place to be until at least Sunday. Possibly longer depending on supplies. let today's game commence.