Tuesday, September 02, 2008

As you may surmise from the time of my first post today, the insomnia is back. The first sign of the seasonal change was also evident with the temperature being quite a few notches below recent highs. The consideration of buying shares in a company that makes woolly jumpers might be a way of counteracting the daily gloom of the media economy coverage. Sales in these are bound to rise, after all nobody is going to be able to turn their sodding heating on, far less up.

I really need to get my eyes tested again too. Talk about being blind as a bat, at least they have some kind of radar. I'm pretty sure it's down to spending too much time in front of a computer. Driving in the dark the other night, some twat was giving it full beam in the opposite direction and I simply couldn't see a thing. Nada. Nowt.

And finally, to compound the ongoing e-mail problems, it seems as though this blog thing is unobtainable at times. I imagine it's a blogger problem but who knows. At the minute I just crack off e-mails and hope that they reach their destination. I never actually know because some of you folks e-mails don't reach me. All very frustrating but I don't have the energy or wherewithal to investigate right now. I'm harbouring a distinct yearning to fall off the face of the earth.

But I can't do that just yet because there’s a couple of three important things that I need to get together. While I’m doing that, here are some recent groovy myspace things that you may care to check out.

From Sweden, Säkert! alumni... 2 White Horses

Also from Sweden, NBT old timers surely remember... The Hidden Charms

Brother Patrick hepped me to Lover! from Memphis.

And HT, the curator of that North Fork Sound introduced me to The Lone Sharks

Something there for darn near everybody...
I saw a bus with the side emblazoned "Rocknrolla" and recalled something that Tony Thewlis told me some time ago. Checked out the website where the soundtrack details are and there it was, The Scientists "We Had Love". The score also features The Hives, The Sonics, Kim Fowley and Wanda Jackson.

I'm not a fan of Guy Ritchie's movies - "Lock, Stock...", supposedly the best of them is awful but kudos to him or whoever was responsible for getting "WHL" through the vetting procedure. Perhaps a whole new generation will discover this stuff?

There's a thought for this time of writing on a Tuesday morning...