Friday, April 02, 2010

De-mob frivolity, or perhaps just plain relief, probably just about covers it. The feeling of not having to go to the salt mines until a week on Monday. While there’s no real means of funding a blow-out, a low key rake about is planned. The "cuppa" showing of "Alice In Wonderland" on Monday for sure. And as always a consideration to try and bring order to the clutter that’s kicking about here, records, tapes, magazines, photos, posters, etc. I’ve a mind to find a cassette of The Dreamboys live at the Hotel International, here in Grangemooth sometine in 1980 if I recall. Their drummer at the time was a chap by the name of Craig Ferguson. I wonder what happened to Roddy Murray? Mr Stim having sent me the audiobook of "American On Purpose" is what prompted this.

With it being easter, the main point of consideration is how Cadbury’s Crème Eggs got to be so small in addition to the chocolate wall being thinner and the fondant filling reduced. No doubt the work of some bean counter (haw haw). It made me think of the deep-fried “Easter Special” that A Salt and battery in NY did some years ago.

I realise that with it being a holiday, you have better things to do than hang about online so off you go. Make good use of your time, don’t do as I do – do as I say. See you Saturday sometime.