Thursday, January 14, 2010

It was like the old star trek monitor thing this morning schlepping to work through the snow. It’s all getting a bit tiresome now. In addition, we’ve all pretty much accepted the fact that the local authorities and well, every alleged authority really, can’t cope with even less than extreme weather. The last few days have been a little fraught, I’m coming down with a cold and am determined to spend less time on the computer. Could there such a condition as blogger’s block? If there is then I’ve got a double dose of that too.

Getting with the 2010 program continues to be problematic. Here we are in the middle of January already. It’s like the holidays never happened. The road to heck is being paved with my good intentions as I tap away. Pretty much given up twitter and myspace. Facebook is do-able but I could do with not getting invitations to attend antics that are not within travelling distance or of no fucking interest whatsoever. I’m also not a fan of this “become a fan of” bullshit. Still I realise that some folks spend all day, every day pissing about with this nonsense and I thank whoever that I’ve not fallen that far. It was getting pretty close for a while maybe.

Constant bombardment with information about stuff has resulted in my being contrary about pretty much everything. Especially when being hailed from places and individuals that I have no traction with. Or ever will have. “Please take a listen to this band, singer/songwriter, blah, blah…” and let me know what you think? Sometimes it will be obvious that something is worth listening too or looking at, other times not so. Judgement calls have to be made and I’m getting to be pretty canny at wheedling out the chaff.

I sincerely hope I can turn this thing on tomorrow morning and find out that n-one has left the theatre but meanwhile...

RIP - Teddy Pendergrass

RIP - Dannie Flesher (Wax Trax)

Thanks to Ben for the info. I'm a little fried on all the RIPs too but we have to put the word out. So that people who don't know but might want to for one reason and another. So no whining about getting bummed out OK. Gracias.