Friday, January 02, 2009

RIP - Bernie Hamilton
RIP - Wilbert "Junkyard Dog" Arnold

(info from Amy Allison)
1.Road of Broken Dreams / 2. No Sound /
3. Threw This Away / 4. My Angel /
5. Dream Baby Dream / 6. Other Lives /
7. Victim of Dreams / 8. I Am Time /
9. Breaks Me / 10. Cold Outside /
11. Anybody /12. Hollywood / 13. Killer /
14. Drifter / 15. Train Station /
16. The White River / 17. Silver Street /
18. Everybody and Their Excuses / 19. This Is

A new collection of songs from ex-Barracudas\Jeremy Gluck, including originals and covers performed by various different line ups of musicians and singers, featuring Nikki Sudden, Alcohol, Superczar and Circo Fantasma.

Original artwork by Jeremy Gluck and photography by Tyron Francis. Building on the legacy of "I Knew Buffalo Bill" with two songs written with Nikki Sudden and covers of the latter's songs. It brings together over 20 years of work and literally sets the stage for Gluck's new band The Yohawks.
Holy Jumping George! The crème eggs are in the shops, the holiday ads are all over the TV and well, things are approaching normality. Or are they? There’s an ad for an insurance company that includes a clip of the Alice Cooper band doing “Is It My Body”. What the hell is that about?? Well, I know what it’s about but nothing is really sacred anymore. It’ll be Frankie Teardrop recommending Tesco next or maybe Sainsbury? Nothing would surprise me anymore.

But it’s so far so good here in the bunker. I’m impervious to the soul-sucking insincerity that I associate with the passing of time. The latest half-baked event to be foisted upon Scotland as a whole is “Homecoming”. In 2009, those who have left this part of the world are being encouraged to return in order to celebrate Rabbie Burns 250th. Far as I know, he’s not coming so why should anyone else?

The main TV ad features a gaggle of Scots capped off with Shir Shone Connery interpreting Dougie McLean’s “Caledonia”. In keeping with the general air it makes my skin crawl, not unlike the BBC’s recent Hogmanay travesty – “Is it pokemon?”.

Anyway, things start to return to what passes for normal. Christ, there are even trains, perhaps to capitalise on the fact that fares go up today. New year maybe, same old song and dance with regard to screwing the punter. I hope that some of you will visit Scotland during the coming year though because there’s no way any of us will be able to visit you the way that sterling is tanking.
RIP - Bill Landis (Thanks to HT for the link)

(Bill was the man behind Sleazoid Express and some of the material in the memorial is definitely not work friendly. It also contains images that could cause offence.)