Monday, December 31, 2012

The other night at The Primevals shindig at Stereo, a guy came up to me and asked me if I was familiar with them as they started their set, “What’s their best song?” I figured this was patently absurd and said to him that they don’t have a best song, they have a whole heap of them. There were a few bampots there actually but overall it was great to see such a grand turnout. They were magnificent and it wasn’t ideal that we had to leave to make sure we caught the train. Based aupon shenanigans earlier. Grand that Mr Tjolsen was able to make the scene too.

The Liberty Takers played their debut show of which I caught two songs because of the aforementioned travel blip. The Reverse Cowgirls flipped the switch up a notch and this is only the second time I’ve seen them but the cross-collateralising of a Nuggets foundation strained through a Reigning Sound rumble is a force of nature.

My intention to stop by here in recent days have come to nowt. I have one more “engagement” this evening then I’m done so maybe, just maybe things will move forward tomorrow. I have compiled a favourites of 2012 thing but I need to flesh it out.

All that remains is to say that I hope you bob into the waters of 2013 unscathed. As always, my expectations are low but that doesn’t rule out disappointment. I have a strong urge to disappear off the face of the earth – not completely, there are a handful of people I’d confide in and that might join me but that’s unlikely – but just away from the bullshit, from the prospective independence, from those that actively loathe breathing the same air. Yeah, happy new...