Monday, May 11, 2009

The way it goes right now, I have to manipulate images in my lunch (half) hour in order to forward these back to the bunker to post here. A long road for a short cut you'll agree, but a necessary evil. I don't feel entirely in control of my own destiny right at the minute. This has all conspired to create a backlog that will be dealt with in due course. Theres no statute of limitations except for events and if I haven't been able to post something on your show or whatever then apologies for that.

In addition to trying to post info that I think our visitors will be interested in, I'm also receiving increasing amounts of guff and mp3's that have little or nothing to do with this universe. Many of these are simply deleted, I don't have the time to listen to everything, it's just not possible under the current regime.

If you DO want to submit something then drop me a line with brief info and I'll tell you whether or not you should proceed. Don't just clog up my incoming with upward of 6MB files without warning. Of course, there are exceptions and they know who they are but prospective NBT candidates need to understand that this is not a job or a vocation. It's merely a hard habit to break. Like fannying about with heroin or smoking or some other "disease".

I just got back from the dentist... and as expected, it’s gonna cost. So that put's the kibosh on attending Where The Action Is!

Free music, free gigs, free whatever... it doesn't work. If you can create the illusion that the swag can be "stolen" then maybe that will create a temporary frisson. But it will only be fleeting. The education process to correct the situation will be long and slow if indeed any lost ground can be made up.

With that in mind, I've decided to compile a list of five songs per week that you might care to hear and the links to where you can find them. And maybe even investigate further. These could be new, old or otherwise and will be based on nothing except my own gumption (or lack thereof).The assumed "lifespan" of a release date will be waived because I don't believe that a sell-by date applies to good music

The five items will be presented in alphabetical order so as not to indicate favouring one over another and there will be no commentary. Just the link. First five coming Friday 15th...

And here's what's going on at this year's Joeython!... (click on image to enlarge)