Tuesday, January 31, 2006

David Behrel of the Havox has been doing some research and reveals that the Monks had genuine rivals in the 60s garage rock stakes. He writes: "Are you familiar with a Wisconsin band from the 60's "The Cords?" They recorded the song "Ghost Power" which appeared on Back From the Grave Volume 1. They had another WILD! instrumental 45 on Cucu records called "Cords, Inc" which happens to be one of my prize possessions. Anyway, fellow Havoc Bob and I did a little digging on these guys and were pretty impressed with what we came up with. To see a cool photo of them, go to Sandalprints Archives and scroll down to Fr. James Kendzierski at the bottom, then double click on the PDF of his bio. Then go to page 7. I think you'll be impressed but you really have to hear the songs to get the full impact.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Out Soon on Screaming Apple: MAGGOTS - MONKEY TIME! "The Maggots have been playing their brand of rockin' garage punk since 1999. The main influence behind The Maggots lay in the original garage punk from the 60's but that's not the whole picture. Years - hell, decades! - of dedicated love for everything that is real rock'n'roll is rolled into the Maggot sound! The Maggots has been touring Germany, Spain, Italy, England, Scandinavia, Belgium, France, Holland. They've been touring with the Fleshtones and successfully backed up Jeff Conolly as "Lyres" in Sweden. 'Monkey Time!' is the fourth Maggots album and we're happy to release it on Screaming Apple records - a label that goes way back and who's love of the garage/punk sounds is well documented. On this album they have added a fourth member on Farfisa organ to spice up the sounds some more. 'Monkey Time!' is a vital record, trying to capture the timeless qualities of all good rock'n'roll while paying the dues both to the original 50's/60's garage/r&r/beat and to the member's own roots in the first 80's garage wave. The record consists of 9 original songs and 3 covers where we do our takes on some old fave songs..."

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Happy birthday to H.B. Vedder "king of men version 2.0".
Happy birthday to H.D. Manitoba "King of Men".

The sun will be up in an hour or so and I'm just about to head out to get the sunday papers that are supposed to have AA reviews in them. I'm listening to the Geator Show that I "captured" from last night. The show is on at 6pm on a Saturday so you work out when that is in relation to your timezone. It's fantastic, so here's the link. Make it a priority next Saturday.

Coupla great versions of "A Rockin' Good Way" on there which leads us neatly to the Rockin' Vicar blogspot. If you don't get the newsletter then you can sign up for that too. Entertaining stuff.

There's a Mary Harron film coming entitled "The Notorious Bettie Page". Here's the trailer.

Robyn Hitchcock makes a pitstop in Glasgow tomorrow with the Minus 3 which includes Peter Buck and the young, fresh Scott McCaughey. That reminds me, when are those Bambi Molesters gonna make it out this way? Need to look into that.

Saturday, January 28, 2006


Earlier this week I picked up a 45 by Amy Bolton on the Importe/12" label, it was cheap, it "looked" right in a late-70s-NYC-DIY kinda way, but it turned out to be just a halfway decent disco tune. Imagine my surprise tho' when I flipped it over and discovered a pretty solid stab at the Music Machine's Talk Talk. No disco, just a pretty straightforward take that in other hands might have made the recent Children Of Nuggets box-set. Anyways, this got me thinking; "was there ever any garage/disco crossover?". Obviously the answer differs with whatever your definition of "garage" might be. But I'd say that Boney M coverin' the Creation's Painter Man is as a good a starting point for creatin' a discography of this new founded genre as any. Farian & Co. also took a stab at Still I'm Sad, but still, that's strictly British invasion material (as is Santa Esmeralda's Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood), and I was wonderin' about the garage stuff.
One disc that might qualify is Barry White's 1980 version of Louie Louie. Close to eight minutes of aural hell. Imagine the soundtrack to a party scene in Porky's Revenge or some such flick, all eighties horns 'n syndrums. Freighting doesn't even begin to describe it! Weirder still, but not necessarily worse is Paul Parker's 1982 version of the Seeds' Pushin Too Hard. Produced by Patrick Cowley, this is one of those Hi-NRG/gay disco kinda things. Hardly up there with either Giorgio Moroder or Bobby O, but nothing you'll instantly hate either. These are only two discs I'm aware of, but there's gotta be more. So I'd like to tax the collective mind of you NBT readers in wonderin' if there's any other examples of this under appreciated sub-genre out there...
“I don’t worry about a thing because I know nothing’s gonna be alright”, reckons the great Mose Allison. Well I’m well and truly on that bus. One good thing happened today and that came in the form of Steve Wynn and The Miracle 3’s “… tick…tick…tick” but more about that after a half dozen circumnavigations of said disc. Right here, right now the reviews for Mose’s lassie Amy are beginning to trickle in ahead of her imminent arrival upon these shores. She has a unique voice, granted but has nobody listened to Antony and the euphemism for multiple boaby’s? For fucks sake, memo to would be reviewers – if you don’t like her voice then try to temper your inability to find the expression that doesn’t include the word “nasal”. “Everything and Nothing Too” is a corking album with great songs, mostly written by Amy. Some recognise that but there’s an inherent philistinism (is that a word?) running rampant through what’s left of the business that won’t give something that sounds a little different a chance.

Her singing will get to you, if it doesn't then I fear for that ticker of yours. But then, most of you folks are open. You’re in this for the long haul, not a flakey scenester that changes horses mid-race. I tell Amy that reviews mean exactly f-all in this day and age. The people who matter will decide for themselves if they can actually hear the music. Those that still buy music or go to shows. To that end, please visit Amy’s site or Shoeshine and decide for yourselves. You’d be doing me a great favour by sending the links to any of your friends who might be interested too. Let’s try and build this thing from basement level up. Remember real songs? Well here’s a wad of them for your listening pleasure made by somebody who cares about pop music from a bloodline that more or less started what we’re all addicted to. Good music. Yeah? Yeah.

Everything is fucked though basically, I just tried to take a walk down the docks here in Grungemooth and find that it’s become something of a stockade. In these times of terrorism, pestilence and rampant arseholism (not necessarily in that order), one can no longer amble down to the dock gates, or take a shortcut to the old town because it’s become a container haven. It’s good that the docks seem to be in business again but not like this. In the not so distant past, when people had to make their own entertainment, families would walk down there of a weekend. It was a well trodden social path (as opposed to sociopath which I think might be a relevant tag for me at the minute) and not exactly for imbibing fresh air since the advent of the oil refinery but a brush with nature nonetheless. A good route for a bike ride also but all of that is off limits now. Probably for our own safety of course because there’s a telephone book thick set of regulations for everything now. I’d probably need to have a risk assessment carried out on me before I could cycle that road now. Whatever happened to common sense? When exactly did it leave the building? Did it hightail it with Elvis and I’ve only just discovered it?

So Mose foretold all this. "Nothing's gonna be alright".

And, it’s getting worse by the minute.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Check out "Friends with Low Wages". (Link courtesy of SH)

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Radio Birdman new album, plus Euro and US tours.(link c/o Sander Bink)
Various - New York Noise vol.2, Various - Big Apple Rappin' (both Soul Jazz).
Two sides of NYC's musical spectrum circa 1980. The Noise disc documents the city's post-punk/no wave scenes, not all of it up to the standards of Mars or Von Lmo, but a solid document of it's time anyways. The noisiest parts come c/o Red Transistor (from their Ecstatic Peace 7"), Rhys Chatham and the Static (w/ Glenn Branca), but there's also plenty of room for the more percussive and jazzy end of things. Suffice to say that this, and it's preceding volume, fit neatly next to the age-old No New York album on the shelves here at HQ. Not sure that rap (in any format) goes down too well w/ you NBT readers, but as for me, I've always enjoyed the pre-crack/pre-gangsta world of hip-hop. A world that radiated a sense of fun and/or innocence not unlike late 60s funk or even frat-rock in it's earliest incarnation. No foul mouthed over-aggressive garbage here, think Sugar Hill Gang if you need some point of reference, and no greatest hits either, I was only familiar w/ Spoonie Gee's Spoonin' Rap (his first), and the rest of it is new to me even this far down the line. Packaged with all the style and info we've come to expect from Soul Jazz, these are both well worth the bother of checking out...
Just clocked the Vitara ad that uses Joey's "arrangement" of "(What A) Wonderful World" but not his track. Which makes it something less than wonderful. But - you're right - why would one expect any different? Par for the (insert expletive of choice here) course.

"The first MONDO a GO-GO of 2006 occurs on Saturday 28th January,

in The Loft @ The Venue, Calton Road, Edinburgh. 11pm til 3am.

£5/4 before Midnight, £6/5 after.

Guest DJ ANDREW TULLY (Avalanche Records, Edinburgh) - A dab hand at buying and selling old records, but now Andrew is dusting off some Mod, Punk, 60's and New-Wave faves from his own shelves to spin this Saturday night. Some of our older patrons may also remember Mr Tully from his days as a member of cult Edinburgh band, Jesse Garon And The Desperadoes - who came out of retirement to support Slade.. sorry SUEDE! last time they played live in the Capital.

Residents Tall Paul Robinson and Angus will also be there to play;
60's, Mod, Garage, Soul, Punk, New Wave, Surf, Psychedelia and Ska."
Hope you "beasties" can score some of the good haggis (meat or veggie, depending on your persuasion) and a decent dram this Rabbie Burns Day. Accept nae substitute.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

The following Amy Allison shows are confirmed and I hope you'll attend at least one if possible. Amy will be ably assisted by the great Jon Graboff.

January 31st - Dublin - Whelan's (with Patty Griffin)

February 1st - London - The Spitz (with Camera Obscura)

February 2nd - Glasgow - ABC2
(with Lucky Luke, DJ set by Francis Macdonald)

February 7th - London - Dingwall's (with Gretchen Peters)

The new album, Everything and Nothing Too is out on January 30th, courtesy of the fine Spit and Polish imprint. You can get a copy at one of these shows or from any respected music outlet. They know who they are and there aren't a lot of 'em left but that's a grouch fo another day mayhap.

Also, in March - you can hear Amy and Christy McWilson add their vocals to the new Mudhoney album, "Under A Billion Suns" on Sub Pop.
The upcoming SCIENTISTS appearance at the Mudhoney ATP in May will feature the closest manifestation to the original that is possible in these times - Kim, Tony, Boris and Leanne. Stand by for news of additional shows...

and whilst we're on the subject of some positive noise... tonight (Sunday)!

Henry's Cellar Bar - with Shock and Awe, Paul Research and the Stivs

8 Morrison Street, Edinburgh, EH3 8BJ,UK - 4 quid

The world famous Shock And Awe and the legendary Paul Research plus The Stivs. The most accomplished guitarist Edinburgh has ever produced followed by the most basic. Full on multi-media art/punk/disco interface from Scars mainman Paul Research. Full on punk rock action like 1977 never happened from Shock And Awe. PLUS special guests "The new Edinburgh Stivs" non stop punk'n'roll jukebox pumping out classic punk covers - stooges/dead boys/ramones/heartbreakers etc.

(Gracias to Mrs Stim for the tip-off)

The very first time in Sweden for wild Billy Childish. The Buff Medways + Norways finest The Indikation will shake Gearclub to it's very foundation !!

Friday, February 3rd at Debaser, Stockholm

Gearclub - First Friday Every Month (F.F.E.M.)

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Friday, January 20, 2006

Coming February 28th on Screaming Apple...

"Look out, here come those Wildebeests again with a whole new bunch of tunes to make you the listener perk up and take heed. Whether it be 'rivvum and bloos', 'tank pok', 'instro-mental larkabout', or 'skewed sick-stays styled beat-noise', these Lairds can KO with the best of them, fuck it, let's make with the fact that The Wildebeests, the band that features (ex)-members of the MILKSHAKES, KAISERS and THANES, can knock any and all others off the blocks anyday, anywhere, and at anytime.
After a pile of single, EP and album releases on Norton Records, Sympathy For The Record Industry and Smartguy Records in the US the Wildebeests have returned to Germany and Screaming Apple (who coincidently released their first single way back in 1995) to release this the groups 4th long-player and has taken many a long long while to arrive (often thought to have been lost in the peat bogs deep in the Tripe valley) and for that you have not to thank the efforts of the 3 goons who, heretoforeandthereafter,should be referred to as the artists, but for the efforts of record company blunders and problemos reaching near and far across the desert-scapes of days, nights, weeks, nay months I say, bouncing here and there almost resulting in a veritable record label tennis! The Lairds of the Boss Racket themselves had almost given up hope of this LP ever seeing the needle of a record player...
Holy gnu, its years now since the artists first threw this lot of rumbling artefacts onto magnetic tape after at the very least 3 long minutes of rehearsal and preparation. What could be better? Well just listen to the dim simplicity of 'Lucinda' and the untamed beauty of 'Your Mind' to say nothing of the wracked emotion of 'It Ain't Right' to get the measure of what these sensitive artists had to wade thru in order to bring their fans a steaming product of damn near perfection. The CD version of this new gnu-sound classic and bluesy beat-punk masterpiece will be out sometime later this spring."

Iggy Drab

Thursday, January 19, 2006

RIP: Wilson Pickett.
Life's shit tapestry continues to trample yours truly into the dirt but there are positive things on the horizon. Just not for me. Amy Rigby and Wreckless Eric will be doing a show together at The Marquee in Norwich on February 7th. Further details on Eric's site and while you're there check out his latest diary entry.

Also stand by for news on the imminent arrival of Amy Allison and her new release on Spit and Polish, "Everything and Nothing Too".

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Groningen correspondent Jan Kooi send in a link to another great Kim Fowley interview, that makes me wonder once again why no one seems to be workin' on the man's biography. If in the right hands, it could be one of the best rock-reads ever..
RIP: Alex St. Claire (Magic Band).

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Who woulda thunk? San Francisco's punk legends tourin' Euroland!

Avengers play Europe!
Please spread the word to all your
euro and globetrotting friends!

4-Feb Saturday Rome Penelope acoustic instore
5-Feb Sunday Road to Ruins Festival in Rome
7-Feb Tuesday Basel-CH Hirscheneck
8-Feb Wednesday Freiburg Walfisch
9-Feb Thursday Stuttgart Universum
10-Feb Friday Munster Gleiss 22
11-Feb Saturday Bielefeld AJZ
12-Feb Sunday Frankfurt Au
13-Feb Monday Koln Underground
14-Feb Tuesday Hannover Korn
16-Feb Thursday Chemnitz AJZ
17-Feb Friday Berlin Mudd Club
18-Feb Saturday Kiel Alte Meierei
19-Feb Sunday Hamburg Knust
20-Feb Monday Belgium, Gent
22-Feb Wednesday London Underworld w/Vibrators UK
23-Feb Thursday UK TBA
24-Feb Friday hanging about drinking tea with the Queen?
25-Feb Saturday UK TBA

(W/ thanks to Sander Bink for the tip-off)

Monday, January 16, 2006

+ THE NUKES (Edinburgh)




The second issue of the Rock & Roll Poison 'zine is out and about and in need of your attention. Interviews w/ King Khan, the Mighty Go-Go Players, Two Tears and Hipbone Slim plus a lengthy appraisal on the delights of Fries with Peanut Sauce by my pal Fenderwoods. Most of it is en inglés, so easily digestible for alla you NBT readers. Drop 'em a line for ordering info here.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

While on my listening trip thru' the US mid 70s u-ground, the compass today pointed towards Beantown. No need to go 'n explain the joys of bands like DMZ or the Real Kids to you NBT readers, but this particular trip threw up a couple o' questions that I figured one of you might be able to answer. One of the 45s I pulled out was Marc Thor's Holiday Fire, hardly an earthshattering disc, but it made me wonder who might be on there as well. As far as I know Marc first appeared on the Live At The Rat comp where he was backed by DMZ-ers Rick Coracio, Mono Mann and Jay Jay Rassler. Soundwise I figure it's different crew on the 45, but if anyone can tell for sure, I'd really appreciate it. (also, can somebody put a date on this thing?). The second disc that threw up a bunch of question marks is by the Bonjour Aviators, a 1976 hard-rock styled 7" that might be best compared to early BOC on a budget. Diggin' thru' the excellent Boston Groupie News site, it quickly becomes clear that this band was very much part of the scene, doin' support slots with the likes of Television and the Heartbreakers. But no word on any further activities. Did these guys put out anything else? Did they pursue any other musical careers? I wanna know!
Saw the refurbished City Hall in Glasgow on TV and was reminded of seeing AC/DC there on their first UK tour (maybe 1973?). It was sponsored by Sounds and it was 75p to get in as I recall. Angus’ crew segue me nicely into the following rant which I’ll call “If You Want Blood” in testament to their live album some years later.

I went to “Give Blood” the other day. They could have taken it all and done me a favour but just took a pint. My service to the wider community and all that but donating blood, like most other activities in life, has become a chore. Something that is done in the spirit of helping people that’s fallen victim of a system gone haywire. You’re asked to read info and mark tick boxes and are grilled some more. The one that “processed” me was lacking any signs of social grace. Plus it’s been moved from the local town hall to the sports centre. When I finally got to the donating area it was like lying in one of those refugee centres you see on the TV after some kind of disaster. I hate sports halls and don’t care much for the critters that cut about inside them decked out in their garb either. In fact I actively avoid such individuals. Some of them might be perfectly agreeable but I’m not taking any chances. Anyway, one is left feeling like they’re doing you a favour by taking a pint of your probably infected blood. All done in the supposed interests of safety, I know. That’s what they tell you anyway but their front line rotweilers aren’t winning any charm school awards and if they’re putting me off then I’d imagine others are also thinking “fuck this for a game of soldiers”.

“We don’t start until 2 o’ clock” one of them grunts. Fine I nod thinking all the time, What’s it to you? I’m happy to wait. I didn’t ask you, I like to be punctual. I like to get in and get the heck out. You got a problem with that? But I manage to restrain any outburst and just wait. It’ll all be over soon enough. Hopefully. But anyway, I’ll think twice about ever going back. Particularly if they stick with that venue. Maybe I’ll visit one of their town centre places, see if it’s just the travelling posse that are so frozen faced. In the good old days, the blood bus would come to your place of employment. I’ve given something like 60 pints over the years. But now, like everything else in this country, it’s all going down the pan. Good manners cost nothing but lack of them may well result on them being a donation shy next time they hit this back arse-end of beyond.
UK readers might wanna head for the annual All Tomorrow's Parties fest in May. As the news arrives just now that the A Minute To Pray, A Second To Die era Flesheaters will grace the stage. That's Chris D., John Doe, DJ Bonebrake, Dave Alvin, Bill Bateman and Steve Berlin! Not to be missed IMHO.

Update: The Scientists will also play the Mudhoney-curated segment! (LH)
Upcoming BOONARAAAS shows...

Feb. 04 Düsseldorf - Stone im Ratinger Hof / Germany + Spittin Vicars

Tour presented by...

Feb. 10 Strassbourg - Zanzibar / France
Feb. 11 Paris - Gloria Club / France
Feb. 12 Valence - Mjc / France
Feb. 14 Torino - Velvet / Italy
Feb. 15 Riva del Garda - Lochness / Italy
Feb. 16 Forlì - Diagonal / Italy
Feb. 17 Castelnovo - Madly Pub / Italy
Feb. 18 Roncà - Jack the Ripper / Italy

GET YA KICKS IN 2006, INDEED! Dig ye the Winter-Spring Events calendar which will blow your gourd offa the stump (what, again?) with mass bashes piled up like a late night plate of Waffle House chili cheese fries-- and read on for some of the biggest NEW RELEASE news we've had, like EVER!


JAN 15 SUNDAY (Rockville MD) THIS WEEKEND! LINK WRAY TRIB BASH! News came edged in black last time around, when we learned of the passing of guitar hero Link Wray. Now, in tribute to Link, the Wray family joins friends, musicians and fans to celebrate his life and music on January 15 in Rockville (where else) Maryland! Dig members of the original Raymen, Los Straitjackets, A-Bones, Billy Hancock, Jerry "The Bug" Dallman, the Triumphs, and loads more rock'n'rollers with an ear to the big bad Link beat! See you all there! El Boqueron II, 1330 Gude Ave, Rockville MD. Directions, maps, details at http://www.dc-rock-and-roll.org

presents their first full-on rock'n'rollin' fab mod lost weekend basheroonie at 3 swank NYC venues with 3 big days of DJ's, shows, a record fair and loads more, including the first full-on MIGHTY HANNIBAL stage show in two years-- the sensational soul shouter has still got it.. in SPADES! See you all there!
www.smashedblocked.com/reaction.html (Scroll past calendar for three day schedule!)

HOLY MOTHER OF MURGATROY! It took a miracle to hang the world in space and also to put this show together, so thank your lucky stars as well as the everso fabulous Beachland Ballroom for presenting this confab, and on the banks of hallowed lake Eerie, no less! As you may not know, missing Alarm Clocks screamer Mike Pierce reared his hollerin' noggin a few weeks ago and wheels aplenty started grinding for an immediate blast...just added the Es-Shades! This will sell out quickly so get tix like NOW! More info herein past calendar and on the site too. SEE YOU THERE!!!! http://www.beachlandballroom.com.

MARCH 18 SATURDAY (ALLENTOWN, PA) 14th ANNUAL 45/78 RPM RECORD EXPO All wax blast with dealers from all over the globe sellin' and swappin' their itty bitty brains out! Massive and essential! See you there!

MARCH 26 SUNDAY PAPERBACK COLLECTORS SHOW & SALE West Coast pulp mavens host the show of shows out in the land of fruits and nuts aplenty- we like it like that!- the cream of the crop dealers, pulp artists, writers, publishers, fans and general populi! See You There! Best Western Mission Hills Inn, 10621 Sepulveda Blvd. Mission Hills, CA 9 am to 4:30 pm, Admission $5 Information at Tom Lesser: TLesser@aol.com and Rose Idlet: RoseIdlet@aol.com

• GENERAL NORTON GIDDY-UP A DING-DONG • NEW RELEASES • STAY TUNED • Nortonians should all have received the new Norton 20th Anniversary catalog (with the PHANTOM UNMASKED on the cover!) by now- if not, check the bushes. If you've moved, been arrested and incarcerated, or are new to this ballyhoo, DEMAND A FREE CATALOG! Thanks to all who welcomed in the new year with the A-BONES and talented guest stars the BLACK LIPS and BLOODSHOT BILL plus local soul sensation MC the MIGHTY HANNIBAL and the brash bevy of boss jocks (dee jays!) Dave The Spazz (Music To Spazz By), Rex (Fool's Paradise), Andy Maltz (Little Killers), Tim Warren (Crypt Records) and Bazooka Joe and Christine X-Teen (Thing With Two Heads)! We needed that kind of megaton blast to catapult us into the rare air that is fast shaping into the wildest year ever!

THEE MIDNITERS INK WITH NORTON! Get ready for the first ever comp made up exclusively of these East LA kings' top 1964-67 stompers! NO BALLADS!! Just one souped-up killer after another! Whittier Blvd./Everybody Needs Somebody To Love/Jump, Jive And Harmonize/Gloria/Love Special Delivery/Thee Midnite Feeling/I Found A Peanut/Never Knew I Had it So Bad/Down Whittier Blvd./Empty Heart/Looking Out A Window/Do You Love Me/Dragon-Fly/Hey Little Girl/Money/Welcome Home Darling/Devil With A Blue Dress/Good Golly Miss Molly/Land Of A Thousand dances (extended live version)/Down Whittier Blvd. (Godfrey vocal) - pounds like no manana! Stay tuned for March release date info!

OUT JANUARY 25! REIGNING SOUND - BLACK SHEEP/TENNESSEE (Norton 45-128) Recorded live n' wild at Goner Records! Add a bonus cut to the Norton TURBAN RENEWAL LP with a tuff Sam The Sham cover! Carl Perkins flp spells firm double deck Memphis salute! Great sound!

INFO ABOUT REACTION! WEEKENDER Feb. 2nd, 3rd, & 4th 2006 with DJs:
ROB BAILEY (Le Beat Bespoke LP, New Untouchables, UK) JOSH STYLES (SMASHED!BLOCKED!, NYC) TONY THE TYGER SANCHEZ (Satisfaction Club, LA) TY JESSO (Wylde Card DJs, RI) BILLY MILLER and MIRIAM LINNA (Norton Records, NYC) TODD-O-PHONIC (Telstar Records) LORDJULIAN (7 of Clubs, France) JAIME KOZYRA (The Dansettes, NYC) MR. FINEWINE (Downtown Soulville, NYC) MICHAEL ROBINSON (Smashed!Blocked!, NYC) BRIAN HARRIS (Solid!, NC)

Plus LIVE on stage:


Thurs, Feb. 2nd: Party and BLACK AND WHITE BAR (86 East 10th St., any train to Union Square station) with DJs. Open Molinari Extra Sambuca and Fernet Branca bar 10 'til 11PM. Party from 10PM 'til 4AM. FREE!

Fri., Feb 3rd: Party at BEAUTY BAR (231 East 14th St. btwn 2nd & 3rd Aves., take L train to 3rd Avenue) with DJs and go-go dancers Anna Copacabanna and Miss Colleen. Open Molinari Extra Sambuca and Fernet Branca bar 10 'til 11PM. Party from 10PM 'til 4AM. FREE!

Sat. afternoon, Feb. 4th: Happening at NIAGARA (112 Ave. A at 7th St) Mini-record fair and LADIES ONLY DJ special featuring Lynne K. (UpTight!), Sheila B.
(Cha Cha Charming), DJ Gemini, The Soul Sisters aka Jennie Wasserman and Jaime
Kozyra (Dansettes), BossyBoots, and Miriam Linna (Norton Records). 2PM 'til

Sat. evening, Feb. 4th: BIG FINALE with live performances, DJs, and go-go gals Anna Copacabanna, Miss Colleen, Jaiko Suzuki, and Noemi. Happening at THE DELANCEY BAR (112 Delancey Street, take f train to Delancey stop). Open Molinari Extra Sambuca and Fernet Branca bar 10 'til 11PM. 9PM 'til 4AM. $10.00.




From BB site: The Beachland Ballroom is proud to announce the first public performance since 1970 of the legendary Cleveland (Mentor, to be exact) band THE CHOIR. The band will feature original members Dave Smalley (vocals), Wally Bryson (guitar, vocals), Jim Bonfanti (drums, vocals), Dave Burke (bass) and Dann Klawon (guitar, vocals) plus Kenny Margolis (who joined in '67) on keyboards. "It's Cold Outside" was the #1 record for five weeks in Cleveland in 1967, and the band opened for many of the top British-Invasion groups, including The Who, Dave Clark Five, Yardbirds and Herman's Hermits. Bryson, Bonfanti, and Smalley later went on to the Raspberries with Eric Carmen. Opening we'll have Parma's very own ALARM CLOCKS, a band that was discovered long after their '60s' high school days. NYC's Norton Records says, "wild sixties Ohio garage band mayhem" about the full-length LP of Alarm Clocks material they released in 2000. The Alarm Clocks' sole '66 single "Yeah/No Reason To Complain," which was only pressed in a quantity of 200, remains one of the most sought after punk 45s ever! They've been covered by the Lyres, Teengenerate, and countless other modern combos. The Alarm Clocks haven't played out since '67! We expect to be announcing some other very special opening bands within the next few days as well. Tickets will be available on Friday, January 13th at 10 a.m. through www.beachlandballroom.com. In addition, tickets for this performance will be available at all of our usual ticketing outlets: CD/Game Exchanges throughout the area, Music Saves, and Square Records. Advance tickets are $25.00; day of show tickets are $28.00> Norton adds: THIS WILL SELL OUT, KIDDOS SO GET TIX LIKE NOW! SEE YOU THERE!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Playlist time again!

Last time we met near the ol' hi-fi, I was diggin' the likes of Patti Smith and the Bizarros. Predictably as it may be, my journey's next stop was Cleveland Ohio. Mucho Pa Ubu of course (I don't think I will ever tire of hearin' Final Solution or 30 Seconds Over Tokyo), Pagans and esp the age old triple 10" set Those Were Different Times featurin' the Mirrors, Electric Eels and Styrenes. From there on I've been diggin' a wide variety of mid 70s US underground stuff; Brats, Debris, MX-80 Sound, Simply Saucer, Imperial Dogs etc. The kind of thing Chris Stigliano at Black To Comm can write about so elongatly if he's not off on one of his socio-political rants. One of the joys in listening to this era's sounds is that you can hear avant-kinda rock that is not yet tarnished by either rap or metal. As much as I dig the earliest incarnations of said genres, I just can't stand all that watered down cross-over shit doin' the rounds these days ("fusion" anyone?). Random goodies: Elvis Costello's No Action, Mott The Hoople The Moon Upstairs, Dutch powerpop classic X-Ray Proved by the Princes Of Peace (issued on the horrid picture disc format), Dictators Stay With Me, Ramones Poison Heart, Sonic Youth's Pipeline (not the surf tune, tho' it, uh, "flows" just fine), Birds No Good Without You, John Holt Ali Baba (and all it's dozen or so versions!), Sound Magics Don't You Remember (Dutch six-0 Zombies-like minor chord masterpiece), Ultravox Young Savage (Peel Sessions version), fuck Midge Ure!, early Vox was just that; young and savage!. T. Rex Children Of The Revolution ("I Drive A Rolse Royce 'cause It's Good For My Voice"), Bob Dylan Ballad Of A Thin Man, Peter Hammill Nadir's Big Chance, Gaunt Jim Motherfucker (45 version), Spinvis Aan De Oevers Van De Tijd, Blondie Out In the Streets (demo), Headcoatees Ca Plane Pour Moi (anybody out there able to land me a copy of the Dutch language version by Rubberen Robbie Geef Mij Maar Drank?), Wipers Romeo (Suicide w/ guitars!), Ivy Green No Love Is Kind, ooh wee!, friggin' ace tune by T Mullens & Co. that 'll strike the right chord with alla you that have been cold shouldered too oft....
That's it for now...
RIP - Shelley Winters

Friday, January 13, 2006

"Hey Folks

First off, thanks for making our start to the year such a blast! Filthy's was packed to the rafters with kits'n'kittens, all digging the Big Beat (thanks, Mr Freed!) laid by yer ever-lovin' SR Tag Team, plus guest DJ Craig Roythorne, who travelled up from Bristol to spin such gusset-ripping platters as The Shades' Strollin' After Dark ...

January 21st will see one of London's finest purveyors and spinners of vintage vinyl grace the decks at Filthy's, namely Intoxica! / Stag-O-Lee linchpin Nick Brown. Plus, as per, we've unearthed another trove of vintage rock'n'roll footage - this time it's Love TV and promo clips from the '60s plus, ta-daa, The Mummies! Big Beat, big screen!

So gird yer loins, and make it to the bar next Saturday ...

Joss & Joe

Sonic Reducer at Filthy Macnasty's, 68 Amwell St EC1R, 7pm, FREE
Nearest Tube: Angel / Kings Cross"
Not exactly the day to find your Voorhees (or however you spell it) mask has a couple of straps broken... so no killing spree for me this Friday 13th. Anyway don't forget this at the GLASGOW FILM THEATRE on the 15th and 16th at 6.30pm, showing with Frank Macdonald's debut short about The Beauty Shop. That's the group not a favourite hangout.

Screaming Masterpiece (Film, Documentary (12A)

A look at the Icelandic music industry from its roots in eccentric melodies and ancient poetry, through to modern electronica, thrash metal, Sigur Rós and Bjork. A unique piece of musical history recorded in an inspirational documentary endorsed by the likes of Foo Fighters and Damon Albarn.

Iceland/Demark (2005) Ari Alexander/Eric Magnusson Duration: 187 mins.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

And speakin' of cool blogs: why not dig Sonic Pollutions. A site that goes beyond mere MP3s and offers cool videos by the likes of Bobby Gentry, the Kinks, Del Shannon and the 13th Floor Elevators...

Monday, January 09, 2006

What with the ongoin' explosion that is webloggin', I added a bunch o' links in the sidebar to logs that deserve your patronage. Most of 'em host MP3s as well, so dig in and enjoy...
Various - Glitterbest: UK Glam With Attitude 1971 - 1976 (RPM CD).
Yeah I know, this one's been around for a while, and it's definitively my loss not picking up a copy on it's release. The party line on the punk influx has always been the Nuggets/Velvets/Stooges continuum, and while this is certainly true for the US, the Brit counterpart was probably as much, if not more, inspired by the glam explosion of the first half of the 70s. You name 'em; Roxy, Bolan, Mott, Sweet, Bowie etc. RPM's digs thru this era had already turned up a bunch of obscuro stuff released on such discs like Velvet Tinmine that showed a definite link between the punk and glam age, but the theme was taken to it's surprising conclusion on this CD where you can hear members of (ao) the Boys, Vibrators, Gorillas, Only Ones, Radio Stars and Ultravox in their formative years. And no, this ain't just a 'historical artifact', 'cause this thing has a poundin' non-hit-after-non-hit track selection that hasn't left HQ's CD player for three days in a row. Even some of the stuff that was already familiar to me gets an extra lease on life bein' put into context here. From the fantastic Dolls-like wail of the Hollywood Brats to the perfect pop of the Jook and the Roxy-isms of Tiger Lily, this sounds like a perfect K-Tel comp from some lost dimension. Five brightly sparkling stars!
Related websites and further reading: The Biased History of English Glam Rock, All You Pretty Things and Punk '77.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Fleshtones return to Spain on Friday 13th for a twelve date tour. A mere month later they once again climb aboard the "big bird" for dates in France. An Italian tour is proposed for later in the year with appearances in London and Rotterdam a remote possibility. In the meantime, those of you convinced that the road to RnR salvation lies in warmer climes should don your clogs and kilts and head on out to...more

I missed the debut of The Geator on WXPN last night but will hopefully be able to tune into the next instalment. You should hit that cyberdial also...

Friday, January 06, 2006

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Excuse me, weren't you in the Fall?

These are times of considerable tumult. Postings (from me at least) are likely to be sporadic for the forseeable. Likewise replies to e-mail. Just so you know...

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Welcome to the world of CRUD CRUD
"Happy Noo Yerr, kits and kittens!

So your tum's now the size of a pot-bellied pig, and your bank account balance couldn't get more crimson - but here's SONIC REDUCER to save the day!

Yus, this Saturday (January 7th) is our first FREE club night of 2006, and will see resident spinners BigKegShandy and TeenSlain ease their way into the New Year with some smooth southern/deep soul sounds, pulsing rhythm'n'blues, backbone-slipping funk, kickin' garage, moon-hopping reggae'n'ska, and the freshest bands from around the world, plus all the other mutant reefer jazz, Nederbeat, 1970s punk, and avant electonica that's fit to spin.

There'll be vintage rock'n'roll footage on the big screen (including masses of Pretty Things stuff, The Stooges in 1971, and the Cramps back in '78!), plus guest DJ Craig Roythorne (Shake, Jubjub) from Bristol, and a whole mess of good vibes ...

Sonic Reducer @ Filthy MacNasty's, Saturday January 7th, 7pm, FREE
68 Amwell Street, London EC1V, Nearest Tube is Angel / King's Cross"
"SUZY & LOS QUATTRO have returned to SCREAMING APPLE to offer their fans the opportunity to get some of the stuff they have released in the past few years on CD only for the first time on vinyl. This compilation contains the whole ‘Freak show’ MCD, all their sold out 45s and other hard to find goodies recorded by the best REAL power-pop band in Europe besides the mighty YUM YUMS. The origin of the band from Barcelona, Spain is a truly romantic one. B.B. (bass, guitars, keyboards, backing vocals) and Suzy(vocals) were about to celebrate their anniversary as a couple, and they decided that they could not find a better present for the other than booking a weekend at Coky’s (former Shock Treatment member) Rockaway Studios and record several tunes B.B. had in the can with Tomás, former singer of the sadly missed pop-punk legend DEPRESSING CLAIM on drums. They take all those sounds we’ve loved for so many years (RAMONES, BLONDIE, NIKKI & the CORVETTES, DWIGHT TWILLEY, PHIL SEYMOUR and so many more) and blend them with a style that is both pure, lovely, sweet, sexy and exciting. They show incredibly good songwriting (for a band that was never intended to be!) and the production and vocal arrangements are superb. Finding the right combination of energy and sweet melodies is hard to do, but SUZY & LOS QUATTRO certainly discovered the perfect way to pop heaven. Get this platter and you can be sure to survive even the longest and coldest winter, just to be perfectly prepared for the next summer!"

Monday, January 02, 2006

Playlist time! Well this certainly took ages to materialize, but for those of you who axed, here it is, again...
On high rotation in the past couple o' months were a trio of Patti Smith boots (I Never Talked To BoB Dylan, Teenage Perversity And Ships In The Night and Free Music Store), all showing the Patti Smith Group in their pre-'77 magnificence, adding dynamics and humor to their songs that was missing on the still genius-like, first two "legal" discs. Does anyone remember Akron misfits the Bizarros? As much as I like their Mercury LP and the split thingy they did with the Rubber City Rebels, nothing beats their 1976 EP on the Gorilla label. Both Lady Doubonette and I Bizarro kinda sound like you always wished Roxy Music would sound like. Speakin' of which, I've been groovin' to the second side of For Your Pleasure quite a bit lately. Probably the most "out there" Roxy ever got (The Bogus Man esp. bein' kinda like the short interlude on Bowie's Daimond Dogs inbetween Sweet Thing and Rebel Rebel in it's bein' ahead of the times). There is always time and a place for yet another Oblivians off-shoot here at H.Q. And the Knaughty Knights (featurin'' Jack O.) easily live up to the legend deliverin' a solid EP on Eric O's Goner imprint that holds just about everything that is lackin' on the past three years o' Rip Off releases. Wenches Of Turpentine St. is as good as anything on the first Boys LP. The Real Kids' Foggy Notion 10" on Norton might be lo on the fi, but hearin' Felice & Co tear thru' the Velvets' songbook (plus a mighty fine take on his previous employer's Fly Into The Mystery) is a real pleasure. And dig the artwork, Norton's attention to detail should be an industry standard... On to some Dutch stuff: Ivy Green is one of my all time fave bands. Why they never get the same kudos as, say, the Motions or the Outsiders, is beyond me. Their first LP is the Dutch equivalent of Stranded or Bollocks, and everything they released during the 80s has a strong Saints-like punk-with-horns feel to it that just can't be beat. The Bintangs usually get the thumbs up for their 60s stuff, but truth be told, I prefer their mid 70s Exile On Main Street inspired releases. Genuine Bull is one of the best Dutch LPs ever with its Stones' like swagger that was recorded at Rockfield. I've been gettin' a lot of flak for atmittin' enjoyin' local hero Spinvis (for you furruners: he's best compared to a Dutch language Beck), but what the heck. His Aan De Oevers Van De Tijd, is not just a great tune, but also serves as an example of how my native tongue can be used in a non sucko way.
That's it for now...

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Thanks to all of you folks who have taken time to check in with good wishes for 2006. I left the bunker this morning to get some air. The partying and fireworks are over once again and the streets are deserted. Something resembling peace reigns. For the time being. May you (and yours) grab a coupla bagfuls of said tranquility while it's going.

This was the view looking across the River Forth from Bo'ness towards Fife at approx. 9.30am when the sun was on the way up to chase the frost.
A couple o' minutes before midnight we switched on the TV to check the "official" countdown on national television. The final seconds were tick-tocked away to the sound of Louis Armstrong's 'What A Wonderful World', but as soon as the clock hit 24:00 the familiar 'Pretty Vacant'-like intro of Joey Ramone's version of the song hit the airwaves while the screen was filled with images of fireworks. I'm a real sucker for these type o' things, and can get way too sentimental over 'em, but whoever pulled off that little trick has my eternal gratitude...