Wednesday, September 15, 2010

One week from tomorrow, I’m headed for Spain and all the pleasures that place can bestow. Well maybe not all, but as much as I can cram in to my short sojourn and it looks like a full dance card is in order. Not much by the way of down-time in the run up to that either thankfully. My napper is all over the place at the minute and sometimes the last thing that I want to be doing is attempting to run something up this cyber-flagpole. Anyways...

Not content with the Turborock event out Espana way that same weekend, The wonderful Wurlitzer Ballroom has a series of shows to celebrate their fourth year of being. Here’s the skinny on what’s happening courtesy of Wurli proprietor, Alvaro...

- Friday 24th September, we have The Dahlmanns (from Norway), Invasionen (from Sweden - formerly known as The Lost Patrol band) and probably a Spanish band called Trono de Sangre... it's an eclectic, hectic program's a party!!!

- Saturday 25th September, The Riffbackers (Spain) and the mythic mod band Squire (UK)

- Sunday 26th September, the (funtastic) Twistaroos (from Norway)

And on Tuesday 28th, a really big shindig with some of the Wurli staff playing in different bands. Expect covers, fooling around, jams and probably all three at the same time.

I’m hoping that this “disruption” tomorrow won’t be as bad as I anticipate. One of my patented expecting the worst, doesn’t work out quite so heinous deals but the “details” provide serious cause for concern. On top of that, The Citrus Club is right next to an area that’s been designated for “protesters who make themselves known to the plod”. That’s not the wording but it’s close. Still, maybe, hopefully – it’ll all be over on the east coast before the dynamic duo get near Grindlay Street.

The eye of the storm will be knockin’ ‘em dead in Bellahouston Park by that time. And all going well, being on a train going in the opposite direction will pay dividends for we attendees. Whichever idiot thought that this Paypal (sp?) visit was a good idea should get a hard boot up the rectum. That’s one of those things they have in churches, right? That they pile the books on?? Hopefully my reservations won’t come to fruition but there’s an awful big bowl of wrong here with quite the potential spill radius.

And we, the communal tax payer, will have to pay through the nose for it. The sound of spitting feathers should go here.