Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Stripchords headline Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes, Nov 4th!

"Howdy-doody lads, lasses, and hairdressers!
Following on from their wildly-received headline set at Londinium's celebrated Lady Luck Club, situated at the former Windmill Club, those charming ponces The Stripchords are pleased to announce their next bill-topping appearance, which will be taking place this Saturday, November 4th.
The Stripchords are to headline a Turning Worm bash entitled "Gutterball - High Teasin!", in tribute to that saucy knave Guy Fawkes, which also boasts turns from former Beatings fella Nick Pankhurst's oddball punk duo, the Creepy Morons, and skronk-blues maestro Honkeyfinger, plus Sonic Reducer Tag Team DJs facing-off against The Truckin' Lauras.
Dave and Piers' Turning Worm nights at this subterranean, transplanted vintage bowling alley are always a right crack, and you can enjoy dancing and bowling until 3am!
See you at the bar!
The Stripchords
Gutterball @ Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes
Saturday November 4th 2006
Bands: The Stripchords, Creepy Morons, Honkeyfinger
DJs: Sonic Reducer Tag Team Vs The Truckin' Lauras Basement Of Tavistock Hotel, Tavistock Square, London, WC1H 9EU 7pm, £6"