Saturday, March 17, 2007

Hi everybody,
We just thought that we'd let everybody on e-mole know about our upcoming Record Release Show for our 2nd album "The Love Parade". To celebrate this momentous occasion, we're playing at SUPERMARKET 268 Augusta Avenue, Toronto on Sunday March 18th DOORS OPEN: 8PM - SHOWTIME: 9PM ADMISSION: $8. Normally we perform as duo, but for this special occasion, we'll be performing as a 4-piece with Cleave Anderson on drums/electronic percussion and Scott E. Farmer (on loan from The Russian Futurists) on bass/synth.Opening the show will be our friend, Simone Grey. We hope some of you can come by, as we hardly EVER play live. Just remember, as it's a Sunday, it's an EARLY show, so don't come late or you'll miss it! cheers richard+francoise, LOLA DUTRONIC
Some stuff that's been diverting my attention from what I oughtta be doing...

Va Va Va and indeed Voom or should that be vroom! Ms Angel Corpus Christi on the aesthetic value of a girls NBT-shirt (March 14th entry)


My Buddy Moose (Thanks to Bigor for the nod on this one)


Bob Lefsetz on Canadian chatshow "The Hour"


Great Hello Saferide News!

Hello Saferide will release her UK debut single (on cd and vinyl) through Regal/Parlophone on May 14th. The single includes a new song "I was definitely made for these times" along with "The Quiz" (from the "Would you let me play this EP ten times a day"EP). The following shows have been confirmed to coincide...

May 14th London@ Water Rats/The Monto
May 15th London@ Water Rats/The Monto
May 17th Brighton@ The Great Escape Festival

As a public service, I'm happy to order copies of this and supply at cost plus postage to anybody out there who wants one of these. However as far as I know they'll be limited so don't leave it too long.


This years Le Weekend Festival in Stirling has the following line-up and runs from 25th to 27th May.

25 May:
The One Ensemble Orchestra/ Nils Okland & Hakon Stene/ Bill Wells, Barbara Morgenstern, Stefan Schneider & Annie Whitehead/ Sonic Bed_Scotland
26 May:
Kaffe Matthews, Jarlath Henderson & Chris Gibb/ Richard Youngs/ Zeena Parkins & Ikue Mori - Phantom Orchard/ The Seventhings Hub/ Film Screenings - Andres Lokko
27 May:
Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra/ Nagisa Ni te/ Lucas Abelas/ The Thing + ZU/ Film Screenings - Stephen McRobbie


A message from Monorail Music

"Benoit Textile Tribute / Celebration @ Mono Sun 18th March

The people of Mono and Monorail were saddened to hear of our friend Benoit's passing last January. For those of you who didn't know Benoit, he co-owned the French label Textile and was an incredible personality. It is only appropriate we celebrate his life with music. Bill Wells, The One Ensemble Of Daniel Padden, Foxface, Bubblewrap Holocaust, Fiend and George Burt (all of whom have been associated with the Textile label) will perform live at Mono, Sunday 18th March (that's tomorrow!). This event is of course free, not only to friends of Benoit but to anyone who shares the enthusiasm he had for music. Hope to see you there. It'll be a blast!"

The Nomads are headed for Spain after a warm up in Stockholm this coming week...

20th March - Kafé 44 - Stockholm (SE) (w/ The Heartattacks, Murder by Guitar)
22nd March - Gruta 77- Madrid (SP)
23rd March - Helldorado - Gasties (SP)
24th March - Granuja Rock Festival - Castelseras (SP)


and last but by no means least, Tom Morton's Whisky Blog "Nippy Sweeties"

The Tom Morton Two will play Glenfarg, Glenrothes and Glasgow this coming week.


Blimey... that lot should keep you amused while I try to address the nature in which I oughtta tackle the backlog. First instinct is to head for the pub but i'll try to quell that... (he typed, willing the phone to ring). Actually, Monk is on today though, so that's good for a 40 minute procrastination. At least.

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