Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's nearly Friday and not a moment too soon. There's no time to get into a legthy blog post tonight. There's stuff to do and tomorrow I'll be meeting Cardinal Jon Graboff for a couple of snifters in The Oxford Bar. On Saturday I plan to knuckle down and get on with some reviews, the goalposts could well be moved but I have the best of intentions.

This time next Thursday, I'll be getting ready to head south for The Boonaraaas!!! London raid. DWC (Friday 21st) and Corn Rocket Club (Saturday 22nd) - cut along to either or both should you have the requisite opportunity.

Of couse there's the maximum headnip of making it through to next week. I'm thinking about postponing a dentist appointment. Not because I'm a feartie you understand but it's fucking with my logistical feng shuey. (I spelled that incorrectly on purpose incase you're feeling comment happy). Ching ching until tomorrow (ish).
RIP - Mitch Mitchell