Saturday, February 28, 2009


The recent passing of The Cramp's Lux Interior totally devastated us and we felt compelled to do something to mark the occasion.

So, on Friday March 13th we will host a musical celebration of the life of Lux. This will be a night of music The Cramps taught us - filthy, fucked up rock n' roll, rockabilly, strip music & swamp sleaze, and of course a healthy dose of music from the mighty cramps themselves who showed us that the ROLL is as important as the ROCK.

Venue - stereo Doors 11 - 3.
Full twang-o-rama sound. Entry - £5

(Info courtesy of Twitch, thanks to Alan for the heads up)

Some spamming tosspot has infiltrated my hotmail account so apologies if you receive a message on account of this. It's been reported and the relevant steps have been taken but that doesn't take a way from the fact that it shouldn't have happened in the first place. If it happens again then it's bye bye hotmail.
RIP - Randy Bewley (Pylon)

(Thanks to Marty for the info)